Elden Ring Trophy Guide


Elden Ring Trophy Guide – The achievement/trophy list for Elden Ring Platinum, a sizable open-world RPG with an incredible quantity of content, can initially seem very daunting. In fact, in order to obtain every trophy, players will have to battle some of the most challenging enemies that From Software has to offer while searching the territories that lie Between for Elden ring trophies, Elden ring achievements and Elden Ring Platinum legendary tools, spells, and spirit ashes.

The accomplishment list for the Lden Ring does involve a lot of exploration, but fortunately, most boss achievements can be completed during a standard playthrough since most of them are found on the approach with the Erdtree and its final boss. It will take a lot more work to acquire the renowned ammunition, spells, and spirit ashes. These are dispersed throughout the entire game, These are dispersed throughout the competition, even as far as the undiscovered Haligtree. Although three playthroughs are required to complete all the trophies connected to endings, this Elden Ring Trophy guide will teach gamers how to find every achievement in the game.

The initial round of play

On the first playthrough, trophy hunters should focus on killing the majority of the bosses that have trophies attached to them and gathering the materials to earn the various collection trophies. This indicates that the first playthrough, which is required to complete the trophy list and obtain the Elden Ring Platinum Elden Ring Trophies on the PS4 or PS5, will be the longest and hardest of the three.

This initial run won’t go via the Subterranean Avoiding Gardens beneath Leyndell; instead, it will go towards the “Time of Stars” ending Trophy. The Shunning Grounds will be dealt with later because they must be visited in order to collect the television series “The of Frenzied Flame” ending. 

The following Bosses must be located for Trophies during this playthrough:

  • Margit the Fell Omen was discovered at Stormveil Fortress in Limgrave, and Leonine Misbegotten was discovered at Chateau the Candidate in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Godrick the Grafted was discovered at Limgrave’s Stormveil Castle.
  • Found near the Siofra River beneath Limgrave, the ancestor spirit
  • Found in Liurnia’s Raya Lucaria Academy is the Red Wolf of Radagon.
  • Rennala, the Beatles of the Full Moon, discovered in Liurnia’s Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Soldier of Nokstella, a dragonkin, discovered in the Ainsel River below Liurnia
  • Located in Liurnia Magma’s Carian Manor is Royal Knight Loretta. Wyrm Makar was discovered in Liurnia at the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.
  • Starscourge Radahn can be found in Redmane House in Caelid Mimic Tear can be encountered at Hallowhorn Woods near Nokron, Eternal City Regal Ancestor Spirit can be encountered at Siofra River, reachable via a waterway near Nokron, Eternal City Valiant Gargoyles can be found there as well.
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord, Godskin Noble, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, Morgott the Omen King, Elemer of the Briar, and Astel, Naturalborn of the Underworld were all discovered in Volcano Manor and Leyndell, respectively. Elemer of the Briar was discovered onto the Gray-colored Castle in Altus Plateau.
  • Fire Giant can be recognised amid the Mountaintops area of Giants, along with Commander Nial and the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula. Maliketh the Black Blade can also be found there.
  • Dragonlord Placidusax may be explored in Crumbling Farum Azula Lichdragon Fortisax can be found in Deeproot Depths via completing Fia’s questline. Hoorah Loux, a warrior, can be uncovered in Leyndell, Ashen Capital.
  • Malenia, Blade of Miquela, recognised in Elphael, Hanger of the Haligtree Mohg, Lord of Blood, discovered in Mohgwyn Palace

Each of the aforementioned bosses has a direct link to Elden Ring Platinum fighting strategy Elden Ring Trophy guide, whenever that is possible. The order in which you fight them is suggested based on their availability and level of difficulty. The chronological sequence in which players confront bosses can, however, be significantly altered in this game. Due to the game’s adaptability, players who are having trouble with a particular boss may want to move on to another and return later.

 Collecting awards

Users ought to able to get all the required items on their first playing if they follow this instruction with regard to comes to collecting accolades across the first playthrough. Diamond Armaments, Diamond Sorceries including rebirths /Incantation, Legendary Talismans, in addition, Rare Spirit Ashes will be finished as a result. 

The following items must be obtained by players in order to get legendary armour:

  1. In Castle Morne, lady Leonine Misbegotten’s boss drops a grafted greatsword.
  2. Bolt of Gransax is located in Leyndell, Sovereign Capital Ruins. Katana of Darkness and Flame is located at the Carian Manor. Greatsword: Dropped by the bosses in Redmane Castle Marais Executioner’s Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight. Sword – Dropped through the Shaded Castle Blue Moon according to Elmer out of Briar Greatsword: A reward from Ranni after completing her questline.
  3. Eclipse Shotel – Discovered at Castle Sol Devourer’s Sceptre – Left at Crumbling Farum Azula thanks to Invader “Recusant Bernahl”
  4. Order in Diamond Greatsword: Left behind as a result of Misbegotten server in the Consecrated Snowfield’s Cave of the Forlorn.

The following items must be located by players in order to acquire legendary spells and incantations:

  • Adan, the Thief of Fire, dropped Burning during the Fell God upon Evergaol in Lurnia.
  • After fighting Elder Dragon, one can purchase Greyoll’s Roar of three Dragon Hearts by visiting the Basilica of Monster Communion in Caelid. Greyoll
  • From the ancient sorcerer Comet Miguel at the solitary village in Mount Gelmir.
  • Stars of Ruin: Players must advance their Sorceress to obtain this item through Professor Lusat in Sellia Refuge in Caelid. Sellen’s Journey
  • Elden Stars: Located in the Deeproot Depths, southwest of the Great Waterfall, in a cave. Findable at the Heretical Rise among the Mountaintops that houses the Giants and reached via an invisible way is Grace Founding Rain of Stars.
  • Finding Ranni’s Dark Moon at Chelona’s

As long as participants are able to beat the required enemies to arrive at Deeproot The Thickness and Moonlight Altar, even if these are a little more off the main road in terms of legendary armaments, they are still quite simple to access.

The second iteration

Players must start a New Game+ in order to obtain additional Ending Trophies after clearing the game, obtaining their Age of Stars Ending, and finishing all the other requirements listed in the previous section. Players actually only have two objectives for their second playthrough: defeat Mohg the Omen and acquire the High Priest of Frenzied Flame.

Players must beat Mohg within Subterranean Excommunication Grounds and then proceed through the casket he was guarding in order to access the throne of Frenzied Flame Ending. To uncover a secret path, roll against the surface behind it or simply strike it. Use the coffins that protrude from the pit’s walls to descend further and discover a large number of Merchant Corpses.

The Frenzied Flame can be inherited by going through a door that can only be opened if the player takes off all of their clothing. Fans will automatically be trapped inside the Frenzied Burning Ending once this is done. To view the ending, play the remaining portions of the game normally. 

The third iteration

The Trophy Hunt’s easiest challenge requires players to defeat the Elden Beast on their third try and then, after talking to Queen Marika’s body, choose to restore the Elden Ring. If players wish to succeed here, they should avoid receiving the Frenzied Flame a second time because that is the sole way to get for them to forfeit access to this choice. 

So this was about Elden Ring Trophy guide, we hope it was informative and useful. 


Is it feasible to complete all of Elden Ring achievements?

All Elden ring trophies and Elden ring achievements can be obtained in a single playthrough. It must be noted that after reaching certain game milestones, you are unable to complete the four missable trophies or accomplishments in a single session.

Elden Ring Platinum: Is it challenging?

The majority of the game’s additional bosses, as well as exploring every corner of the world to locate the game’s legendary weapons, legendary ashen remains, and legendary artefacts, all must be defeated in order to complete the Elden Ring trophies and Elden ring Trophy guide. 

Is it possible to complete the Elden Ring trophies within a single go?

All trophies and achievements can be obtained in a single playthrough. It must be pointed out that after reaching certain game milestones, you are unable to complete the four missable trophies or accomplishments in a single session.