Embracing Body Positivity In Fashion – Inclusive Fashion

Embrace Inclusitivity in Fashion

This article shows the reports on how different brands embracing inclusivity in fashion trends. Diversity in fashion is becoming a trend in new fashion world.

It used to be that everywhere you’d turn, you’d see ads for clothing and body products, with the same type of model: tall and slender. This left out a large portion of the human population, and over the last several years it’s turned into an uproar that made companies change their tactics. Nowadays, these same companies are featuring different types of models of all colors and sizes to satisfy their target markets and to put the message out there that no matter what shape you are, you’re beautiful.

Here’s how fashion trends promoting inclusivity is presented by different platforms:

New York Fashion Week

In 2018, New York Fashion Week was a bit different because of the diversity in fashion that was promoted. Models of different shapes, sizes and colors strutted the runways, making a huge impact on the fashion industry as a whole. Since then, ads have come a long way in dialing down the airbrushing, which is evident in some of Target’s ads that showcase a woman’s stretch marks rather than hiding them. Others have started promoting plus-size models in their ads as well to appeal to more people.

Social Media Fashion Trends Promoting Inclusivity

One of the biggest gains in the fashion industry trends, when it comes to body positivity and diversity in fashion is the presence of social media. Women the world over have taken to the internet to help do away with body shaming and fashion by initiating trends that show off a woman’s curves. Popular companies such as Dove have even gotten involved with the Campaign for Real Beauty, which aims to change the way women view themselves. Rather than focusing on the media, women should focus on what makes them unique, striving for individuality, not acceptance.

Others have created a list of plus-size models to follow, those who break all the stigmas when it comes to size, body shaming, and fashion with the message that fashion is about looking good and feeling comfortable in your skin, not focusing on size. They’re decked out in bikinis, lingerie and even show off their high heels in fashionable statements.

Specialty Retailers

In the spirit of embracing body positivity, some retailers, such as Perfectly Priscilla, have focused their line solely on curvy, body-positive clothing for women who don’t fit the fashion industry trends’ typical image. This brand has paved the way for women to not only love but also embrace their curves and maintain fashionable pieces in their closets at a super affordable price. Others have even gone so far as to develop lines to increase their sales and be more inclusive. This caters to a demographic that previously had trouble finding clothes that fit or a very small selection to choose from.

Doing Away With Body Shaming

Body shaming is a real struggle even though there has been a wider acceptance in the last few years. However, despite the progression, there’s still a lot of work to be done. As long as women continue to stand up to the industry and make an impact, the changes will continue moving forward.

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, it’s important to remember that what makes you beautiful isn’t a number: it’s your unique traits that set you apart. With long strides being made each year, hopefully, body shaming will soon be a thing of the past.