How to Get Ready to Be a Bridesmaid?


Attending a wedding is a pleasure itself, especially when you hold an essential role of the bridesmaid. It takes hours to get ready to be a general guest at the wedding. You need to find a dress, shoes, do a little makeup and maybe put on some perfume. But for a bridesmaid, there are several essential steps to get ready for the wedding.

No matter the scale of the wedding, the location of the party and other conditions, you need to be 100% sure that you did everything to be a perfect bridesmaid. After this, you can relax, kick back,  take a sip of your favorite drink and have a nice evening with friends.

Create a timeline

Prepare yourself for this wedding about a month before. Think about it like a lifetime opportunity. So take a pen and paper, download an application on your phone or open up a spreadsheet on your computer and start organizing things.

Take care of the:

  • Bridesmaid dresses often match because of the whole design of the wedding (and the bride’s desire). Ask the bride if she has special ideas about the dresses and be ready to buy one at least a week before the wedding.
  • Buy yourself a comfortable pair of shoes. If you want to wear heels, that’s okay, but make sure to have back-up shoes when you get tired or want to dance.
  • Make-up and other essentials. Booking a visit with a beautician is hard enough on regular days. Imagine how hard it will be to get a visit opportunity with your makeup lady on such an important day. Plan this through and make reservations at least a week before.

Offer your help in the preparation process

Once you are done with your essentials (at least you have a list and know the timeline), you can offer the bride a helping hand. Brides always have their special vision of the weddings. Make sure to follow them through and don’t let the bride’s vision fail. Let the bride feel less pressure and offer to take off a specific task of her shoulder. For example, volunteer to find a photographer, or a perfect location, etc.

Go dress-shopping with the bride

Dresses are essential to creating a perfect wedding. Bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and guest dresses are important, but a dress for a bride requires special care and shopping time. You might even have to put away several days to find the perfect dress.

Organize and attend pre-wedding ceremonies

Remember we asked you to create a timeline? That’s because you’ll have to include a lot of pre-wedding tasks and ceremonies. Usually, bridesmaids organize pre-wedding parties. Plan the bachelorette party with other bridesmaids and let the bride have the time of her life. Be there for her when she goes out to have dinner with the future in-laws. Have her back at the wedding rehearsal and other ceremonies.

There is no secret in being a perfect bridesmaid. You need organizing tools, timeline, and a pinch of enthusiasm to follow through every single step. Don’t forget about a heart-warming toast for the newlyweds. Have a good time at your upcoming party.