How To Resolve Error Code Van 135 Issues

Error Code Van 135

The Error Code Van 135 repair is a topic of discussion amongst Valorant supporters. This means that many gamers lack the skills necessary to resolve issues when they do, and it is not their fault. Van 135 is completely absent from the Valorous support page. Fortunately, you can do some simple steps to fix Error Van 135, and we’ll explain them to you in this article.

Many gamers, soon after starting the game, see the Valorous Error Code Van 135; the notification on the screen advises them to start a game, yet doing so does not resolve the problem. Usually, Windows 10 and 11 PC builds will experience this problem. 

Shortly after starting the game, many gamers see the Valorous Error Code Van 135; the notification on the screen advises them to restart the game, yet doing so doesn’t resolve the problem. Usually, Windows 10 and 11 PC builds will experience this problem.

Error code Van 135 Quick Fix!

  • Rebooting your computer and the Riot client is the sole appropriate action to resolve the Valorant Van 135 problem. Most people’s problems will be resolved by doing this. If everything goes on, don’t get alarmed—we’re not done yet!
  • The next step would be eliminating Riot Vanguard and Valorant. After doing that, you’ll have to reinstall Vanguard and Valorant completely. This seems to be a fix for most gamers for the Van 135 Error.

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What if it is unsuccessful? 

If the steps above don’t help you, you’re in a precarious position. Since the problem isn’t noted on Valorant’s help page, it doesn’t seem to be a proper fix. 

Therefore, if our advice for fixing the Valorant Van 135 issue does not work for you, contacting Riot Support and submitting a bug report is recommended. There won’t be much you’ll be able to accomplish besides that. If you find further solutions, please share them with us in the comments area. Spreading the message will undoubtedly aid your fellow gamer!

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Well here’s a list of every step you must do to resolve error code VAN 135: 

1. Look for a server problem 

To determine whether the host is the issue, you must first verify its status. The server issue or maintenance services is typically to blame for the Valorant error code Van 135. 

Engineers are probably attempting to repair the central server that finds connections if it is offline or being repaired. To see whether the creators have made any comments, visit the Valorant Twitter feed. You can frequently discover updates about any persistent game bugs. 

Note: Restart the gameplay every time you check Valorant’s Twitter page.

2. Reboot Riot Client and the PC 

Restarting the Riot Client will be the next step you should attempt if the servers aren’t the issue. Since this issue can result from a specific bug, rebooting the Riot Client may solve the problem. To grant Valorous administrator rights

This can be done in the Device Manager. Open it and press CTRL + Shift + ESC. Once inside, look again for the Riot Client process and right-click. Next, select End Task to finish it. 

Restart the Riot Client after that to see if the problem has been resolved. 

You may restart your system in numerous ways. The simplest method is to select the Power section after clicking the Start button.

Check out the following remedy if the error hasn’t even been fixed.

3. Play the game in administrator mode. 

Attempting to launch Valorant as just an administrator may help solve the issue. It could be advantageous as the game requires the administrator’s rights to work effectively. 

You should right-click the game’s exe file and select Launch as an administrator to execute it as an administrator. 

Click Yes to verify that you desire to grant Valorous administrator rights when you come to the User Account Control window. 

You may enable the game to only begin with admin privileges if everything is working properly and the problem has disappeared without having to go through the procedure again.

4. Before starting the game, end FRAPS (if applicable) 

Only Valorant gamers using the Fraps software have access to this approach. This has been found that opening the app while attempting to run Valorant frequently results in the error code Van 135. The two applications do conflict with one another. 

Fraps is a program designed specifically for computer benchmarks, image sharing, and video capture. Many people use it to capture their gaming sessions. Skip this approach if you’re not using Fraps because it wouldn’t relate to you.

Suppose you’re also using Fraps, and attempt to shut down the program before launching the game. Right-click the Fraps symbol on your desktop to access the concealed menu, and afterward, select Exit Fraps. 

Run Valorant to see whether the issue has been resolved after you’ve finished doing that. You can determine if the Fraps were indeed the culprit in this way.

5. Re – install Valorant as well as Riot Vanguard 

Reinstalling the Riot Vanguard is the final step you should do if nothing of the other solutions has worked. The Command Prompt is the fastest way to remove the Riot Vanguard from the Programmes and Services menu. 

You must launch the Command Prompt with administrative rights before entering a command to remove Riot Vanguard. Whenever you start the game afterward, the Riot Vanguard will install itself again.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give details about “Error code van 135”. Also, several methods are mentioned above to fix the errors.


Q1) how to fix error code van 135?

Ans- Install VALORANT and Riot Vanguard anew after uninstalling them if the issue still exists.

Q2) What is error code van 135?

Ans- It is a typical game error. The weak connection between your device and the Valorant server is to blame for this error code.

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