Everything One Need To Know About Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing

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The lower or bottom lip has a massive and optimal arena that is good for tons of different types of lip piercing styles. It is the best lip piercing place, whether you want double, single, or quadruple lip piercing and lower can handle it too. This is the reason why most of the folks like to have at least one lip piercing.   

Dolphin Bite lip piercing is similar to that of the snake bite piercing consists of the two lip piercing holes like the snake bite, which is located in the middle of the lower lip equidistant from the center. One different thing from the snake bite lip piercing is that dolphin bite piercing is located a little close and near to the lip center. These lip piercing are done to emulate a similar look to that of the dolphin narrow mouth and leave people to wonder how one can imagine the dolphin bite may appear.

The healing process of the dolphin bite lip piercing is the same as that of the other lip piercing, however, the multiple lips piercing on the same place may make the healing process more complicated and take more time to heal completely. Multiple or double lip piercing also leads to oral infections and issues. So, before you decide to go for the dolphin bite lip piercing, this article will help you know about even and odds of the dolphin bite lip piercing.


How much Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing Hurts?

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Generally, the lip piercing can tend to be a bit sensitive as the lip area consists more of nerves. It may also be painful as the piercing gets swelling and throbbing after the piercing. Lips easily get swollen than any other parts, and that leads to too much discomfort after the days of getting piercing and remain the same during the few days of the healing process. 


As the dolphin lip bite is more close to each other, you may have more swelling than that of the other double lip type of piercing as they are apart from each other as compared to dolphin bite. It is also essential to eat softer and easily chewable food as the swollen lips can get easily bite and get pressure on the piercing. If you eat hard or big slice food, then piercing may get injured internally and take more time to get completely healed. 


So whenever you decide to have any type of lip piercing, always consider an expert and experienced lip piercer who can help you to get any kind of piercing easily. An experienced piercer enables you to make the piercing process quicker and take care of the lip from getting an infection and ease the piercing process. 


Healing Process Of The Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing

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Generally, the healing process of the dolphin bite piercing is about 8-12 weeks, or sometimes they can also take 6 months to get healed completely. The healing process also depends on the skin type, and it is hard to tell accurately when one can get treated entirely from person to person. Sometimes it also happens that the piercing seems to be completely healed, but then it does not get, and single pressure or any carelessness leads to internal injury, and piercing may get puss in it. It is important to get complete healing and give piercing the complete to get healed. Always ask your piercer about whether your piercing gets fully healed before you stop caring for the piercing. 


Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing Aftercare Steps and Rules

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Dolphin bites lip piercings are not the type of piercing that is much difficult to get healed, however, the piercing takes place into the one’s mouth, it is important to become vigilant to do the aftercare practices so that you can avoid the mouth infections cause due to the bacteria present in your saliva. Below are some of the important things that you must keep in your mind to heal the dolphin bite lip piercing quickly and avoid the infections. 

First, take the proper care of the teeth. When you get the piercing, the jewelry that is inserted inside your lips can easily lead to swelling as the jewelry is large and thick. The thickness and large size of the piercing jewelry are essential so that it cannot get embedded into the skin, however, it also makes the daily tasks complicated, like it makes eating, chewing, cleaning, and speaking too difficult to do.

Thus, it is essential to take care like talking less, eating soft food, and avoiding the intake of alcohol and any other hard food. It is necessary to stick to the same routine until the lips get back to their normal size and swelling gets removed, and there is no pain left in the mouths. Before stopping the care for the pierced lips, always ask your piercer about that as what to think healing is not complete healing, and he navigates to the best process. Also use saline solution to take care of the oral hygiene. 

Jewelry Styles for Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing

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16G needle size is the most likely and best-suited lip piercing jewelry size that you may get. This type of lip jewelry features the 5/16” barbell. Although the dolphin lip piercing jewelry style also depends on your lip anatomy and your choice. 


Flatback Labret studs for lip piercing are the most popular lip piercing jewelry style for dolphin bites. You can also opt for a standard size piercing ball that also looks fancier on the face. You can also have piercing through captive bead rings that add charm to your looks. 


Why Shouldn’t One Get The Dolphin Bite Lip Piercing?

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There are various reasons why getting the dolphin bite lip piercing is not suitable for you. The location if the piercing is beneath the lower lip, which is the point of issue.  


This type of piercing also has mouth-related issues like a bacterial infection. If you do not take the aftercare practices for lip piercing, they may gradually increase the chances of infection, and it is best for you to choose that type of piercing that gets quickly healed. 


If there is a chance that you get swelling quickly, then you must take one piercing at a time for dolphin bite piercing and another after the first hole gets wholly healed as it helps to lower the infection.


How much will the dolphin bite lip piercing cost you?

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The nominal charges for getting the dolphin lip piercing ranges from $50-$100. But always choose the expert piercer no matter how money he charged from you, but the safety concerns are most important.