Evil within 3 Is a third instalment of The Evil Within planned?


Evil within 3 – Tango Gameworks has not yet confirmed The Evil Within 3 release date but it is clear that it would delight fans of a series that has gradually managed to carve out a position in the fiercely competitive survival horror genre. This is why everyone was surprised by the Hidden Egg in Hi-fi Rush.

The release date for The Evil Within 3: The Evil Within games has succeeded in giving players a satisfying interactive cinematic experience. The graphics in Evil Within are amazing, and the plot is complex. Not to mention, Shinji Mikami’s masterful direction of the first instalment elevates the sport to a completely new level.

Additionally, Bethesda is always capable of producing a distinctive gaming experience, whether that’s the case of an action-packed RPG like Elder Scrolls, an Action-Adventure like Ghostwire Tokyo, or a Survivor Horror like The Evil Within.

Since finishing Evil Within 2, fans have been eagerly anticipating Sebastian’s comeback. You must be anticipating the Evil Within 2 Remake if you enjoy playing horror video games as much as we do. You have come to the right place if you have been searching for reliable information about The Evil Within 3 Release Date.

To address any of your inquiries regarding The Evil Within 3 release date, we have gathered the most accurate facts in this post. This article contains details about the game’s release date, plot, platforms, trailers, and most recent news.

The Evil Within 3’s scheduled debut

  • On October 14, 2014, the first chapter of The Evil Within was released. Players were enthralled by the winding plot and exhilarating gameplay, which helped to secure a strong foundation for a horror series. The sequel to Evil Within was released on October 13th, 2017, just like its predecessor. The game’s second phase met all expectations as well. Now, the fans can’t help but want to have that thrilling experience all over again. Let’s get to the point at hand, which is when The Evil Within 3 might be released. The first and most important point is that neither the publishers nor the developers have provided an official release date.
  • However, a number of rumours claim that the release date for The Evil Within 3 will be approaching October 2024. There is no guarantee about this time range, but do not lose heart just yet—we have thrilling news!
  • Tango Gameworks has explicitly alluded to the prospect of an Evil Within 2 sequel. Another game from the same publishing house as TEW, Hi-Fi Rush, did this in a clever way. This fact offers strong evidence that Evil Within 3 release date could be in the works. For more enlightening details about The Evil Within 3’s gameplay and other topics, keep reading.

Storyline rumours for The Evil Within 3

We’d like to preface our The Evil Within 3 Scenario predictions by warning you that there will be spoilers. We recommend skipping this section if you haven’t played The Evil Within’s first two instalments.

The Evil Within Games’ premise is built around a STEM system that can link different people’s consciousnesses to a single brain. The gadget makes the unconscious of the brain’s core (main mind) accessible to those who are connected. Sebastian Castellanos, an investigator of the Police Division of Krimson, is important to the plot of The Evil Within. Sebastian and his companions become involved in STEM while looking into a mass murder case at Beacon Mental Hospital.

The Evil Within Game finishes alongside Sebastian fleeing from the network and allegedly destroying the core, but Sebastian loses his granddaughter Lily in this section of the game. It is then revealed in The Evil Inside 2 that Lily’s death had been staged. Now Sebastian is once again up for a terrifying danger in the STEM System. The STEM is generated & controlled by Ruvik, a wicked scientist with a tragic backstory.

However, as the procedure is seen activating in the climactic moment, this was not actually the end of STEM. This not only leaves the door open for a sequel but also raises the prospect of Sebastian and all of our other favourite characters making an appearance.

Although it is impossible to know with certainty what the creators have in mind, we undoubtedly support Sebastian, who serves as the game’s main character. In any case, we are certain that, like the previous instalments, we will appreciate the gameplay, and plot as well as the Evil Within 3 release date.

Speculation on The Evil Within 3’s gameplay

Scavenging gameplay is used in all of the Evil Within franchise’s current titles. The player must look around them and find ways to engage in or flee from terrifying situations. Depending on your preferences, the game’s difficulty levels can be changed.

During gameplay, a variety of hand-held weaponry and medical supplies are discovered and added to the player’s inventory. Players also encounter other unique things connected to the narrative in addition to these.

In the game, there is a supplementary crafting system where players can make weapons and other stuff. Chapters are how the game develops. The gameplay of Evil Within 3 will probably be identical to that of its predecessors.

Three platforms for The Evil Within 3 release date 

The original Evil Within game was released for Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. In 2017, The Evil Within 2 became available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows platforms.

Overall, Evil Within’s gameplay has been enjoyable across all platforms thus far. However, we are unable to confirm whether or not the next Evil Within 3 is going to become available on PS systems.

Xbox is the only platform for which contemporary Bethesda game launches like Starfield is available. This increases the likelihood that The Evil Within 3 will only be available on Xbox and Windows.

Trailer for The Evil Within 3

The Evil Within 3 Trailer has been eagerly anticipated by the series’ fans for a while. Unfortunately, no official trailer has yet been released by the makers. Do not be fooled by the plethora of fan-made teasers and films that are already flooding YouTube. Up until now, Bethesda has only left a hint of a preview in the form of an announcement in its Hi-Fi Rush game.

News and rumours about The Evil Within 3

  • The internet has been awash in rumours and news concerning Evil Within 3, which have been circulating like wildfire. Let’s start with the enigmatic announcement clue that the recently released Hi-Fi Rush game gave us. One cannot help but conclude that the studio made this decision on purpose.
  • Recently, it was discovered that Evil Within 3 was originally going to be Bethesda’s Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game’s development began with an idea, but it strayed so far from the Evil Within premise that it need to be released as a completely new game.
  • This information emphasises once further the studio’s desire to create an Evil Within Game sequel.
  • Another credible speculator believes there is a good chance the game will only be available on Xbox hardware. This rumour is based on the information that Microsoft acquired Bethesda in 2021. Since this agreement was made, Microsoft games have been treated as made available only for Xbox.

As we already know, there have been rumours that The Evil Within 3 will be released in October 2024.


  • Release date for The Evil Within 3?/the Evil Within 3 release date? 

Tango Gameworks has, however, dropped a hint regarding a potential third instalment of The Evil Within. An Easter egg in their game, Hi-Fi Rush, has these hints. Despite the rumours pointing to October 2024, Tango Gameworks has not yet provided an official release date for The Evil Within 3.

  • What occurs at the film’s conclusion, The Evil Within 2?

Sebastian and Lily make their getaway through the Mobius facility in the last scene of The Evil Within 2. Because of Myria’s sacrifice and Agent Kidman’s help, this was made possible. After this conclusion, there was a brief cutscene that revealed the STEM system had been activated, leaving numerous unexplored possibilities.

  • How frightening is The Evil Within?

The Evil Within is a really spooky game featuring blood, mythology, and unexpected jumpscares. You can skip this one if you like mellower horror.

  • In The Evil Within, is Lily still alive?

Although Lily’s death was depicted as having occurred in The Evil Within, it was later discovered that her passing had been staged. Sebastian now has to go pick up his little girl from the Union.

  • Has the Evil Within 3 teaser been out yet?

No, the third trailer for The Evil Within has not yet been released. The precise date of the trailer’s debut is unknown.