How To Gamble In Malaysia Legally


Malaysia: A Natural Treasure

Malaysia, one of the most vibrant, breathtaking and stunning locations, known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant and diverse nature and biodiversity, as well as beautiful vistas, just like Spain is known for its olive oil. Even visiting one of the neighboring islands is a once in a lifetime experience, which any devoted traveler or mere tourist should put on their respective bucket lists.

Despite a number of reports of pickpockets, and overcharging by taxis, tourism is still at an all-time high, despite taking a major hit in 2020 due to the CoronaVirus, with millions of tourists visiting the country each year, and billions being made in revenue as a result of this.

Suffice it to say, if one is cautious enough, Malaysia is a perfect travel destination for anyone looking to add a new place to their list of travel destinations.

However, one thing one can note is the Malaysian approach to gambling. While gambling is promoted by most western countries, in an effort to increase tourism and draw in more and more visitors with an affinity for gambling, tempting them to tap into a new market. Asian countries such as Malaysia take a different approach, as it is not as heavily promoted as one may think.

But what is the cause for this? How does the Malaysian legal system affect this, as well as other sectors of gambling, such as sports betting? What is the situation regarding online gambling in Malaysia, is it legal or looked down upon by the state’s law?

This article will outline all of that, letting one know the ins and outs of gambling in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Legal System and How it Affects Gambling

When it comes to Malaysia’s legal system, it not only combines components of common law from the United Kingdom, but it also integrates aspects of Sharia law, which is the legal code followed by Muslims. As a consequence of this, it has a relatively conservative stance against gambling, albeit one that is not quite as stringent as the one found in nations such as Indonesia.

Gaming is only legal when a gambling establishment has been granted a license to operate by the right governmental authorities. The Unit Kuwalan Perujan of the ministry of Finance is the primary authority that is responsible for issuing these licenses.

There are already a lot of different organizations where one can gamble legally, but the list is not quite as big or comprehensive as one might believe it to be.

Which Methods Of Gambling are Legal, and Which Are Not?

To give a good idea of how to go about gambling within Malaysia, as well as to provide one with an understanding of the ins and outs of gambling within this country, below are listed one of the most well known ways one gambles in Malaysia, as well as whether they’re legal or illegal.


Lotteries are legal as long as a body is provided with a gambling licence by the aforementioned Kuwalan Perujan. As of today, there are six privately owned lotteries within Malaysia, however the number of illegal lotteries is at an all-time high, with revenue made from them being 60% higher than that of the 6 legal operators combined.

Land-Based Casinos

In the entire country of Malaysia, there is only one legitimate land-based casino.

Although it is open 24 hours a day, Muslims and those under the age of 21 are not permitted to enter the establishment, due to religious and age-related reasons respectively.

This casino boasts a high number of different electronic table games, 3000 slot machines, and 30 tables featuring games like boule, blackjack and tai sai.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is probably one of the oldest forms of gambling on this list. Introduced by the British in 1800, it is one of the few forms of gambling which does not require a license from the Kuwalan Perujan, instead being regulated by the 1961 racing act.

Online Sports Betting

Despite its illegality within the country, the act of online sports betting is one of the most popular within the country, as many people change their online location through VPN. Even without VPN’s a number of offshore sportsbooks accept Malaysian bettors and even offer rewards in RM (Malaysian Currency). One, however, must keep in mind the risks of utilizing sports betting in Malaysia, as it is still outlawed, and one may incur heavy penalties for doing so.

Underground Gambling Dens

Gambling dens are illegal, and serve only to circumvent the Malaysian Laws on gambling and licensing. Gambling dens still offer a multitude of games which one can play, but are of high risk compared to whatever monetary reward one may get out of gambling. Of all the methods of gambling listed, this is one which we suggest shying away from completely. No monetary reward is worth prison, whether you’re a local or foreigner.

A final Consensus on Gambling in Malaysia

If one would like to go to Malaysia to tap into the gambling market, it’s fair to say that they’d be disappointed with the amount of options they’ll find. Still, the casino and horse races are still viable options for gambling, and still provide high-octane thrills for those looking to win big. But these options are limited, especially in a country of Malaysia’s size. It’s fair to say that the market in Malaysia is not the most extensive.