FamiSafe Parental Control App is the Best of All Location Tracker Apps.


In the current era, the need for location tracking apps has become popular than ever. Different software designing companies are coming up with parental control apps every day. According to a previous report in the US, at least one kid goes missing every forty seconds. This means that the country loses over 460,000 kids to the “unknown” every year. That being in the United States, the global figures show that over a million children go missing annually. This has driven the need for parents to be certain of their kid’s location every moment to ensure they are safe.

FamiSafe parental control app is the most reliable parental control app and mobile tracker of the present time. We can’t deny that the application was developed by a reputable and reliable company; Wondershare. This company is aimed at solving all the upcoming digital issues through the development of sophisticated apps and software.

This free gps tracker runs on either iOS or Android devices. This means that you can use it on an iPhone, iPad, or any Android smartphone you have.

Feature of FamiSafe Application.

Wondershare developed this app in 2018 and has continued to upgrade it accordingly as per the users’ demands. The upgrades are specifically on its features to make them more useful. All the upgrades are aimed at helping the parents to keep an eye on their kids all the time. Below are some features of Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app:

  1. Live Location Feature.

Though kids could be abducted by strangers, there are also incidences of children missing school. These two are major concerns among parents. FamiSafe came “at the right time” to offer an ideal solution. The live location feature gives you the live location of the kid, a location history, and allows you to create a Geofence which is the safe zone for your kids.

With the location tracking function, parents will see their kid’s location on a real-time basis. The app’s homepage shows the kid’s device battery level and the exact GPS position of your kid.

The Geofence could be your home area, the school, district, or a friend’s house. You will be notified whenever the children enter or leave the Geofence area.

  • Location History.

The FamiSafe app also keeps a reliable record of the places visited by the kids in the past. By looking at the location history, you’ll understand if they are going to risky places. If so, you need to take security measures and advise them to stay safe within the Geospace you create. The history feature gives a detailed record of the places visited and the time the kids went to those places.

  • Detecting Harmful Content.

When kids are using their phones, chances are that you will find them on various social media platforms. Unfortunately, they could be cyber-bullied without your knowledge and suffer in silence. Although bigger kids may join chats or groups that share illicit content, sometimes they only receive it anonymously from rogue internet users.

Amazingly the FamiSafe kid tracker app detects any form of harmful content in form of videos or photos. The files are detected when sent to your child as messages on social accounts like Facebook and WhatsApp.

When such content is received on your kid’s phone, you will be notified wherever you are. The app allows you to block such apps to prevent your kids from deleting that content. Again, they won’t be able to continue using the app.

What is the Cost of FamiSafe and Where to get it?

Although Wondershare allows for a three-day free trial, subscribers are required to choose a plan. You can cancel a subscription anytime you wish if you don’t like the app within three days. To download this app, you should visit Google Play Store, App Store, or the Amazon Store. The prices of the FamiSafe parental control application.

Subscription PlanSubscription AmountNo. of Devices Allowed


We hope that you have understood how to ensure your children’s safety. Despite the high influx of parental control apps available on the internet, FamiSafe remains the best. Considering its subscription fees and the features it has, we can’t get a reason to blame Wondershare. They perfectly designed this app with the parent’s needs in mind. The fact that the app can be connected to multiple gadgets makes it more popular.

We believe you’ll be delighted to use the live location tracking feature of FamiSafe as well as other features. You will always be sure of your kids’ location when you are away from them. It’s also useful when you want to track a cell phone. The app eliminates the need to make calls to your family members to confirm their whereabouts. Using the app is far cheap compared to paying caretakers or making endless calls. Download it today and I’m sure you will thank me later.