How should a diabetic person take care of his foot


A body which is unable to absorb sugar, will ultimately become a risky body, which cannot tolerate any kind of wounds and bruises. The risk increases as the blood gets thick, and the blood pressure arises, a diabetic person needs to be very careful as any kind of injury can lead to a severe issue, and on top of that they cannot go for an operation without controlling the blood sugar level.

If you are a diabetic person, or someone near you have been diagnosed with diabetes, warn them about being non serious for their overall health. As many people do not know what type of interactions and activities can lead to a foot injury so here, we are to help you in this regard.

The toenail fungus

Toenail fungus might feel like a very harmful infection, but it is for a healthy person. For a diabetic patient it will be a tough time, and they need to take proper care if they are really into good and fine health. The toenail fungus will only eat up the toe, but for a diabetic patient it will become a very severe sore, which would not go away easily.

To avoid any such inconvenience the diabetic patient must keep the shoes clean. Do not let anyone wear your shoes, it will increase the toenail fungus infection. If you feel that the nails are getting drier, and brittle then immediately rush to the doctor he will prescribe some supplement to treat the symptom of toenail fungus. The fasted method of treatment is to go for laser treatment for toenail fungus removal like bvfootclinic also provides such service.

Inspect the feet daily

As sometimes we do not realize if we were injured, and eventually this injury will lead to severe damage. So, it is better to keep an eye on your feet whenever it is time to sleep, take a few moments and check if your feet are fine. On noticing any spot, or rash, take immediate solution for that.

Do not wash feet with hot water

As exposing your feet to hot water can lead to severe damage to the skin, so it is better to use the Lukewarm water to wash your feet or even for having a bath. Do not go throwing hot water on the feet.

Do not scrub too hard

Yes, even when you feel there is so much dirt on your feet. Go gentle while bathing, use a loose loaf for cleaning the feet. Sometimes we do not feel the injury, but harsh rubbing can lead to skin damage.


The best moisturizer for the feet is the petroleum jelly only. Other than that, if you want to go for something sweet smelling then does check the chemicals, it should be mild, try baby lotions instead they have some good smell and are soft on skin too. Do not forget to moisturize your feet twice a day, it will keep the skin healthy.

The dry clean socks

Damp socks can be annoying and can increase the risk of nail infections. Always ensure that the socks you’re wearing are clean and properly dried. Wearing any damp show or sock will be harmful in the long run.

Never walk barefoot.

Many people would suggest you walk bare foot on the grass, claiming it to be an excellent treatment for the brain, it is, but not for the diabetic patient. The issue is not with the grass but with being barefoot. As you might get struck by a rock or some insect might bite you, creating a fuss as a result of it. That is why it is necessary for you to wear shoes.