Tips To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance

fandango gift card balance

Fandango gift card balance – An American ticketing business called Fandango sells movie tickets online and through mobile apps. For several years following the company’s founding, industry sales grew quickly. However, medium- and medium-sized movie theatre companies started providing independent ticket sale abilities via their websites as the Internet gained popularity.

Check the Balance of the Information Check your Fandango gift card balance to Get Your Money Back.

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What Is a Gift Card for Fandango?

On either Fandango and FandangoNOW app or web page, you may utilise a Fandango gift card for renting or purchasing films and TV episodes. The card cannot be used to watch films in theatres or on other websites run by third parties.

Fandango isn’t going to replace your gift card if it is lost or damaged; you will need to purchase a new one. 

How to utilise a check Fandango gift card balance?

To redeem your gift card, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a movie you wish to watch.
  2. Pick Whenever you arrive at the payment section, use the gift card.
  3. Type in the PIN and gift card number.
  4. Complete the transaction and take in the film.
  5. Use the extra cash for another purchase if your transaction is less than the significance of the gift card. If the cost of the amount exceeds the balance on your gift card, you can add a credit or debit card as an extra payment option.

How to Check the Balance on a Fandango Gift Card?

There are two ways to check the balance on your Fandango gift card:

  • Call 1-866-857-5191 to do so over the phone.
  • Give the customer care employee your name, phone number, and gift card number.
  • Tell them you’d like to check the balance on your gift card.
  • The customer service agent will let you know how much is still owed. 
  • On the website for Fandango
  • Visit either Fandango or FandangoNOW web page.
  • Put in your PIN and card number.
  • To check your balance, type enter.

What Should You Do if Your check Fandango gift card balance Has Extra Balance?

Here’s what you can do if you examine your balance and discover some additional money on your card:

  1. Plan to watch a movie with your pals and use the gift card you received to purchase tickets with the leftover money. You may use your credit card to make up the difference if your gift card is insufficient.
  2. Sell the gift card—Offer the card to a friend or list it for sale on a website like eBay.
  3. Consider giving the gift card to someone they know or a family member who would appreciate a free movie night.

Can You Get Cash Back on a Fandango Gift Card?

Gift cards from Fandango aren’t officially returnable or exchangeable. This implies that, unless otherwise required by law, you cannot cash out the card or use it to purchase other gift cards. You have the legal right to ask for compensation if the business has a location within Puerto Rico or any of the 11 states that offer cash back.

Although the firm occasionally distributes promotion gift cards featuring expiration dates, Fandango’s standard gift cards never expire. Please get in touch with customer care right away if you are unsure which one you own.

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  • How to check balances in shops? 


To acquire services related to card balances, you can go to Fandango outlets.

To get the addresses of the stores in your area, use Store Locator.

The area code or county name must be entered in the search field before pressing the “Search” button.

View the outcomes and decide which store location is the closest to visit.

  • Can anywhere utilise Fandango?

Tickets for every concert time offered on Fandango can be purchased with Fandango Gift Cards. Gift Cards from Fandango cannot be used at the theatre box office or on any other website.


These cards can be used at Fandango locations and on by members.


Please visit the nearest store through your original receipt if your check Fandango gift card balance is lost or stolen. Only the original receipt can be used to replace it.


You cannot use a gift card with a PIN online, however, you can utilise it in-store. Your gift card cannot be used to check its balance without a PIN, but you can activate a new card at a Fandango store with a PIN.