Cushion Cut Diamonds in Different Eras


Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds are so timeless that you will never have to worry about how old these things get. it is one of those things you would either want to add to your collection or you can give as a gift to your loved ones. You can’t blame yourself if you’re having a tough time deciding on the diamond you will eventually take home as all the diamonds in their collection look pretty good.

Most Dispersion

It is not often you see diamonds with lots of dispersion. That is surely not the case with these Rare Carat diamonds. The good news is that the gemologist of Rare Carat can measure the dispersion. This professional will be completely honest with you as they love their job and they would love nothing more than for you to purchase the best item possible for your loved one. The computation for the dispersion is going to take a lot of time out of the gemologist so you better respect these people for what they bring to the table. Cushion cut diamonds have that classic and fiery look that most women desire. You won’t even have to spend too much for these diamonds compared to round cut diamonds and they’re worth every penny.

Unique Shape

Since its shape is rather unique, you can tell right away you are dealing with Rare Carat radiant cut diamonds. It is actually more affordable when you compare it with the other diamonds of Rare Carat. Your future partner will still be impressed so you will never make the mistake of choosing this type of diamond as a gift. The unique shape is actually a bit of a hassle for people who are countering Cushion Cut diamonds for the first time. Better take some time in reviewing the video of each diamond in order to make sure that they perform well under pressure. It is one of those things that will take up a lot of your time. The good news is that the gemologist of Rare Carat will guide you through any imperfections. It is indeed possible these things will wreak havoc on the durability of the product. They’ve gotten tons of positive reviews over the years and they are not shy when it comes to giving you all the resources you need about Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds.

Two Looks

Believe it or not, cushion cut diamonds have two looks. One looks like crushed ice and another looks chunky. There is a good reason why you must take your time in examining these two in order to find out which one looks better on you. When it looks like broken glass, you can see your reflection in some parts. While some would appreciate this type, some would rather skip it. That look is actually glittery so it is pleasing to the eye. The chunky looks are cool in so many ways and many girls would like it. Since you’ve known your girl for so long, you would realize right away if that is the case or not. Besides, having a fat diamond on your grid’s finger would always speak volumes regarding how your taste is. If you’re drawn into the chunky design, you can come across the hearts and arrows design. It should not be too long before you fall in love with it due to how nice it looks.

In conclusion, you will never be disappointed with Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds, especially considering how the Gemologist would guide you from the start until the item arrives right at your doorstep. Throughout the process, you will learn plenty of things about the different types of diamonds so you must pay attention since it is not every day you can talk to an expert like that. There is a good reason why Rare Carat has stayed relevant after all these years. They make sure they make all of their customers happy with their purchases. In fact, they have a ton of return customers. They also got plenty of awards over the years. It was not too long before someone recognized their hard work and gave them well-deserved awards. After all, hard work should never go unnoticed.