How Much Does The Plumbing Training and Apprenticeship Will Cost You?

how much plumbing training program costs

Are you looking to start your plumber training course? Are you searching for how much a plumber training program will cost you? This post contains precise information about the Plumbing Training programs and the cost of taking complete plumber training courses. Let’s go!

There are several types of technical schools, apprenticeships programs, and community colleges that provide complete plumbing training and on the job training programs where students can gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge. 

plumbing training costs

As per the statements of Education Portal, a one-year Plumbing certificate training program can teach the students to properly install and repair the plumbing systems, whereas a two-year plumbing associate degree can teach the students about pipefitting, basis electricity plumbing work, basis heating plumbing work and design of the plumbing system.  

All the programs mentioned above can help the students to start advanced careers in pipefitting and plumbing and build professional skills in them. They can also get high paid jobs in heating and gas field technology. 

If you choose for the apprenticeship programs maybe for 4-5 years, however, they are for a longer duration, and the students get a salary at the time they get training.  

Plumbing Training Cost:

costs of plumbing training costs

Online Plumbing Programs can cost you about $800 – $1000. Penn Foster, a plumbing training school, provides the plumbing training $868, Ashworth College plumbing training program costs you about $800. 

The Certificate Plumbing Training will cost the students at a price of $1250 to $3000. 

The AC/C Tech institute situated in Indianapolis, offers the full-fledged plumbing training for the cost of @1250.

Whereas the associate plumbing technology degree cost one about the price of $3000 to $23000.

For instance, Southwestern Illinois College, the associate degree plumbing program for the value of about $6080 to those students who live in the same district and $23,000 to those who live outside the state.

Similarly the Associate plumbing degree at the Montana State University in Havre, MT, cost the students for about $23,000.

The Plumbing apprenticeships programs range about $0 to $1,000 depending on the institutes and have the training duration that lasts for 4 to 5 years.

The apprenticeship plumbing program offered by the Colorado institute provided this program for about $710 per semester, and the curricular books for four-year programs cost students $120 to $150 at the institutes. The same program’s books will cost the students for about $620 at the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union.

plumbing program costs

The State Licensing of the Plumbers will cost the students for about $75-$300 that will remain in work for 1-2 years.


For instance, Tennessee issues a plumbing license to the handyman that lasts for two-year for the cost of $75, while Georgia’s plumbing license fee is $30 for the application and a $75 renewal fee every two years.


Whereas the fees for plumbing applications in Alaska is about $50 and license will cost about $200 that lasts for two years. 


The certification for Plumbing Engineers issue from the American Society will cost about $300-$625 that is based upon membership and practical experience of an individual. 


Although in many of the US states, the plumbing certification is totally voluntary.


What The Plumbing Training Program Include:

plumbing training programs

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing apprenticeship program lasts for 4-5 years and includes 144 hours for the course work every year. 


The Plumbing Coursework includes a blueprint reading, mathematics, drafting, applied plumbing physics & chemistry. In contrast, the on-the-job plumbing training course covers the local plumbing regulations and codes, tools, supplies, and safety measures. 


Some Additional Plumbing Training Cost:

plumbing program cost

If you want to get into a high school diploma for plumbing training, the additional costs for the plumbing training program will cost you $500-$10,000 that also cover the cost of curricular books, tools, accommodation, and uniforms. 


For instance, the AC/C Tech institutes situated in Indianapolis provide the chart of estimated additional costs of the plumbing training program is about $328 for plumbing tools and $369 for safety equipment, study books, and training uniforms.


Similarly, the estimated additional cost of the plumbing training programs from the New England Tech in Warwick, R.I., is about $1,200 that includes plumbing supplies and plumbing study books, $3,000 to $7,000 for accommodation and boarding and $4,300 to $5,900 for other students expenses, the price is up to the facilities and higher standard of living in the campus.


What Will You Learn in the Plumbing Training School?

how much plumbing training costs students

Theoretical Plumbing Training

  • Building Codes
  • Hot & Cold Water Delivery
  • Potable Gas & Water Piping System
  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Plumbing Principles
  • Basis Plumbing Principles
  • National Plumbing Codes
  • Building Plumbing Codes
  • Vent and Drain Waste Plumbing System
  • Backflow Plumbing Principles
  • Safety Plumbing Principles
  • Workplace Plumbing Hazards
  • Combustible, Toxic, and Flammable Materials
  • Cross-connection Plumbing System Protection


Business & Administrative Plumbing Training Program

  • Creating, Drafting & Reading Plumbing Blueprints
  • Interpreting The Isometric Plumbing Drawings
  • Estimating Plumbing Cost
  • Budgeting
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Plumbing Project Management
  • Plumbing Payroll
  • Plumbing Scheduling
  • Hands-On Plumbing Training
  • Marketing


Brazing & Soldering Plumbing Techniques

  • Plumbing fixtures Installation, troubleshooting, and servicing techniques for industrial, commercial, and residential
  • Professional Techniques for installing toilets, drainage system, bathtubs, gas systems, and waste disposal plumbing systems
  • Plumbing services, repair, and troubleshooting techniques
  • Vent and Drainage waste system design
  • Pipefitting system designing
  • Plumbing License examination preparation
  • Plumbing Internship