Features of Slot Games Explained


Due to things like improved gameplay and smartphones, slots have never been more popular. But since today’s slots boast so many complex features in which you can click to view here, they can seem a little overwhelming at times.  Thus, we decided to make things easier for you by creating this guide – Features of Slot Games Explained.  Let’s begin!


Like their predecessors, online slots still rely on coins. However, these coins are virtual, as opposed to physical, and you don’t have to insert them into the machine. Rather, you need to purchase them online and then use them to make bets in a game. Due to minimum and maximum betting rules, and differing amounts of paylines from game to game, the number of coins you wager can vary greatly every spin.


Although most traditional slots have only 3 reels, most modern ones boast 5 or even more. But what exactly are slot reels? A slot reel is a vertical section that usually rolls once a spin button is pressed (or in the case of traditional slots, a lever is pulled). And in general, the more reels and paylines (we’re coming to these soon) in a game, the more chances you have to win

Slot Game Symbols

Slot reels are adorned by all kinds of symbols. For instance, you’ll come across fruit, playing cards and even characters from your favourite movies. Symbol selection is influenced by a slot’s theme so you’ll see soccer balls in soccer slots and leprechauns in Irish-luck themed slots.

But, online slots also boast special symbols. Wilds and scatters are two of the most common of these. A wild symbol acts like a joker in a game of cards and can replace any other symbol (except the scatter). Plus, if you fill a payline with wilds, you should be in for a huge payout. Scatter symbols are pretty valuable, too, and a certain amount of these on the reels (the number varies from game to game) normally triggers free spins and bonus rounds in games.

Paylines on a top Slots Game

Paylines are lines on which payouts are awarded in a slot. While traditional slots often only contain a solitary payline (a horizontal line running through the middle of the machine), some contemporary slots possess hundreds. What’s more, paylines nowadays come in a huge number of shapes (horizontal, vertical, zigzag, trapezium, etc.) Regardless, to win money in slots, you normally have to fill a payline with matching symbols (e.g., 5 lucky 7s). 

Return to Player Online Slot Games

Another prominent feature of today’s slots is return to player percentage (RTP) figures. Basically, RTPs tell us how much money we can win back on average in a game. The higher the RTP, the lower the house advantage, and the greater the odds of us winning (thus, choose slots with high RTPs). And thanks to a new law in the UK, all slot games must display their RTPs.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been paying attention, slots should be a piece of cake. So, why don’t you take one for a spin?