Top 15 Emo Anime Characters Of All Time

emo anime characters
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Hey There, all those anime lovers, this article is for you. Though everybody who loves anime has a different connection with each character, those emo anime characters never miss a single chance to win everyone’s heart. 

Emo stands for the word ’emotional’ and in the anime context, an emo anime character is the one who is highly affected by the surrounding situation or exhibits a dramatic response or reaction in return. The word “emo” first originated in the music industry and referred to the songs touching on an emotional sentiment or subject.

Here we are presenting the list of the top 15 emo anime characters of all time who have stolen more than a million hearts.

15 most emo anime characters

Well, without much ado here’s the list you have been looking for.

Mizore Shirayuki, Rosario to vampire

Mizore Shirayuki has been a poster character for all the girls having obsessive crushes on their teachers.

Mizore Shirayuki is a powerful girl character who possesses some powers she’s completely unaware of. The lonely, misunderstood girl doesn’t know her worth and keeps falling for the wrong boys despite all the red flags.

The continued events of heartbreaks broke Mizore Shirayuki to the extent that she tried to take her own life, which is the most emo moment to happen in any anime.

Zeref, Fairy Tail

For all those magic lovers, fairy tail is among the most popular anime. Zeref is a fairy-tail emo character who’s awaiting his death. Oh! But did we mention he is immortal?

Zeref knows that he can be a chaos bringer on earth due to his powers. And to avoid that he’s searching for someone who can kill him and destroy his powers. 

The helplessness of being immortal eventually forces zeref to roam around on the earth until he finds one worthy opponent capable enough of killing him.

Freya, Chobits

The anime character Freya is known for her most miserable and complicated story throughout the whole anime world. 

Freya is a character who was created by Ichiro as his child because his wife couldn’t bear real children. Freya was designed with the feature of falling in love with anyone she wanted. But things become complicated when Freya falls in love with Ichiro, her own father.

The lack of return of the same love from Ichiro turned Freya into a sad and depressed character.

Izumi Takanashi, working!!

Izumi is a weak emo girl who has not been so blessed in her life. Despite having the job of her dreams she’s not able to carry herself around properly and perform basic life activities due to her lack of physical strength.

As being a novel writer doesn’t require many outings, she keeps herself locked in a room in a fear of dying anytime she goes out.

She lives a very frustrating life full of misery because of her weakness.

Nana Osaki, Nana

As we mentioned emo word originated from the music industry, Nana is an anime that truly justifies the word. Nana Osaki is a rockstar who wears a choker with a lot of piercings and sings emo genre songs.

Despite all the difficulties of her life, which started with a false accusation of running prostitution during high school time, Nana has always been optimistic about her dream of becoming a famous singer. 

However, the misfortunate events have somehow turned Nana into a cold and emotionless person.

Mei Misaki, Another

Another is a horror-thriller anime, which has Mei as its main character.

Mei is a red-eyed emo anime girl with one eye kept hidden behind an eyepatch. Due to her strange appearance, everybody ignores her in the class as if she’s a ghost whom no one can even see. Which eventually leads to Mei Misaki being all alone and without any friends. However, things change when she meets Kouichi Sakakibara. After they start developing a connection, weird horror things start to happen.

The mysterious appearance and behavior make Mei one of the most interesting emo anime characters.

Levi Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular anime characters who was portrayed as the most powerful person in Attack on Titan. However, his backstory is not less than a nightmare.

Being born to a mother working in brothels, Levi faced many challenges during his growing age. First, his mother died at a very early stage of his life due to illness, and after that, his uncle left him alone too.

Kakashi Hatake, Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime of all time. Kakashi is a well-known character who is portrayed as a powerful ninja with amazing techniques.

The traumatic childhood of Kakashi turned him into an emo character. After his mother’s death at a very early stage of his life, childhood turned into a nightmare for Kakashi. Which was then followed by his father committing suicide.

Like every other emo character, Kakashi didn’t allow his backstory to drive his future into hell and instead used it as guidance on the right path.

Due to his excellent ninja techniques, Kakashi was labeled as a prodigy by his teachers.

Gaara, Naruto

Naruto being the most popular anime series of all time doesn’t have a single emo character but many.

After his mother’s death, Gaara was turned into the jinchuuriki of Shukaku by his father. Throughout his life, many people were sent to assassinate him, which turned him into the person he is right now.

Clare, Claymore

Claymores are unique beings who are half-human and half Yoma, a shape-shifting monster. However, unlike Yoma, claymores are not monsters thirsty for blood.

They’ve instead sworn to protect the mortals from Yoma.

Clare is one of the Claymore who possesses only 25% of monstrous behavior, because of which all claymores discard her and consider her as the weakest one.

However, despite all this, her determination finally turns her into one of the strongest claymore. 

Crona, Soul Eater

Soul Eater is a story of Maka and soul eaters working together at Shibusen, a famous school to raise a ‘death scythe’ to protect the city from evil.

Crona is a fearful character who doesn’t know how to control her all-time anxious emotions and is all the time depressed about what’s happening or going to happen next.

Eri, My Hero Academia

Eri is a powerful character with the power of turning everything into its previous state.

Due to her powers, a lot of people have been trying to catch her.

The troubled present is no less than the traumatic past Eri has been through. While she was unknown of her powers she made her father disappear unknowingly due to which her mother also disowned her. Later on, she was taken care of by her grandparents who were too put into a coma by Chisaki in a way to torture Eri.

Ray, The Promised Netherlands

The promised Netherlands is a story of Grace Field House, which was a living nightmare for the kids.

Unlike all other kids who were unaware of what was going to happen to them after they hit a specific age, Ray knew the real truth of being fed to demons eventually.

However that was not all the misery, the main disheartening event was the revelation of the person transporting all the kids to the demon was Ray’s mother herself.

Sakata Gintoki, Gintama

Sakata Gintoki is one of the most famous funny emo anime characters. Despite having a depressing childhood full of troubles, Gintoki always remained optimistic about the future which made him the fun and happy person he’s today.

Gintoki was a war scavenger who was once forced to kill his own master and since then has been roaming around from one battlefield to another.

Nico Robin, One Piece

Nico Robin was the only survivor of the Ohara tragedy, who was declared as the demon child by the government.

Due to this, she had to face a lot of difficulties throughout her whole life. Along with being searched after, she was also deceived by her own relatives. With the childhood memories of running from one place to another in order to survive, robin lost all the trust in humanity and developed serious trust issues.

However, things start to change when she meets Luffy and the company.

Final words

If you’re getting bored or you’re in the mood to shed some tears watching a sentimental anime full of thrill then above mentioned emo anime can be the right choice for you. The emo anime characters mentioned above are the 15 most popular emo anime characters. However the list doesn’t end here, there are many other popular emo anime characters who have won everyone’s heart.

When it comes to anime characters, they look no less than real persons exhibiting natural human emotions. If you’re looking for the top 15 emo anime characters then we have enlisted all the information that you might need.

Interesting! Right? If yes then hit the like button and let us know in the comment section below your favorite emo character’s name.