Follow These Dos & Don’ts During the Winter & Fall Season

winter makeup looks
winter makeup looks

As soon as the weather gets cold, you don’t just need to focus on your winter clothes, but also other skincare, makeup, and hair care routines should be followed. Throughout the makeup looks for winter season, you can literally rock following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Focus on wearing dark colors’ lipsticks, be it burgundy or maroon. You can change your whole look if you opt for an appropriate lip color according to the season. During the fall season, pick glossy lipsticks, and burgundy or plum color. Some would say it looks vampy, but it would definitely make you look like you have adopted the season so comfortably. Don’t choose to wear light shades like pink or coral as it will kill the season’s vibe y totally. Such light shades look appealing during the summer season only.
  • Keep Your Nails’ color, Nude, or Grey. Nail polish can totally locate bloom to your looks. Usually, during winters, you wear black, grey, brown, and maroon colours’ clothing. And, to pair up the best with your clothing, you must paint your nails with Grey, black, or nude color. You can also use cherry reds, silvers, golds, and Merlot. Avoid putting neon colours, as they look fantastic in the summer season, but they don’t go with winter makeup faux pas.
  • Wear black kohl based eyeliner, and complement your winter look in the best way possible. You can either go for a cat-eye look, or make it smudgy, or keep it simple; kohl eyeliner will definitely make you rock during the winter season. Don’t opt for wearing sparkly-coloured eyeliners, i.e., blue, green, or red. If it’s necessary, you can use golden or silver-coloured eyeliner.
  • To complete your look, put rosy or slightly pink-coloured blush. You would win over your winter looks when you’ll see yourself returning home while wearing pinky cheeks after surviving throughout the day. All you require to do is to swirl pink blush on your cheeks and look glamorous during extreme winters also.