From cluttered to organized: steps to achieving a calmer home environment

tips for clutter free home

Seeking how to declutter home? Having a cluttered home can really add to anxiety levels and depression. Clearing away all of the unnecessary things within your property, particularly your bedroom, will have a positive impact. Although it can’t happen overnight, dedicating a small amount of time each day for a few weeks or even a couple of whole weekends could be enough to notice a difference almost immediately. Follow our decluttering tips for clutter free home to create peaceful home environment.

Sort things to pass on or sell

Our homes can be goldmines, full of hidden treasure that could help us out financially. If you have children, find all of the toys and clothes that are no longer age-appropriate for your youngest and either give away to friends and family or sell. Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell your things as you do not incur a fee for doing so. Getting rid of unwanted or no longer used items will really help you to feel organized and possibly earn you a little extra money while you’re at it! This is one of the best tip for clutter free home and will help in creating peaceful home environment.

Empty your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is likely home to some ill-fitting, badly chosen outfits. Emptying them all out onto your bed or floor will allow you the chance to root through them and sort out things that you no longer want. The general rule is to immediately toss anything that you have not worn during the past year. Select all of the garments that appeal to you and make you feel good about yourself. These are definite keepers unless they are beyond repair or stained. For those items, take them to a textile bank. Alternatively, consider refashioning them, but only if you have sufficient time. Keeping them just in case will only add to the clutter. Once you have the items of clothing you are certainly going to keep, put them back into the wardrobe in an orderly manner. Choose beautiful matching wooden hangers to boost your mood even more: they look stunning and show you care about your clothing. It is one of the best declutter tips to how to declutter home?

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Learn to say no

One of life’s greatest lessons is learning to say no to others. Many people, in an attempt to help you out, will offer you bits and pieces. It could be an electric carving knife or a sewing machine. If, however, these items are of no use to you, politely decline them. At the end of the day, you will feel guilty for accepting something you do not actually need. When the number of unwanted items within your household increases, this will also add to your negative feelings. So, be assertive and graciously express to others when something is not required.

Get others on board

If you are the only one in your household to share the vision of a clutter-free home, it is likely that your workload will be doubled. Imagine getting your home into the shape you want it only for others to turn it back to the way it was almost immediately. This is not healthy. Just ten minutes before starting a bedtime routine with children can really help. It is a good answer and decluttering tip to how to declutter home environment? Ensure you have sufficient storage, clearly labelled, and any age group can help. For some children, time pressure really helps. Choosing an upbeat song (the Mission Impossible theme tune or Blur’s Song 2 are great options) as a ‘tidy up’ song can really work wonders for motivating everyone.