What To Eat To Get Maximum Nutrition From Diet


“Modern science shows us some amazing things with food pairings,” says the dietitian expert and public health doctor, Wendy Bazilian.

From a very long time, our ancestors bring the idea of pairing different food items to enhance the quality of taste and health benefits from pairing.

Food pairings like tomatoes, olive, rice, beans and guacamole are like staples for the people from thousands of years. Food researchers found that these food pairings are proving to be the prime examples of food combinations that help promote maximum nutritional benefit.

Learning how to make the best food pairing for getting maximum nutritional benefit is required for adopting a healthy food lifestyle. Maximum benefits can be obtained if we start consuming a naturally balanced, high in nutrition and varied food combination diet.

Here are the three most recommended food pairing ideas from expert dietitian that we can easily adopt in our diet plans.

Green Leafy Vegetables With Fish

Dark green leafy vegetables are food fat soluble vitamins that can be absorbed properly when eaten with high-fat food combination. Eating kale with olive oil dressing or a fatty fish like salmon help the body to absorb the nutrients effectively. Bazilian, the nutritional expert, says, “There’s a synergy that happens where healthy fats like avocados or olive oil increase the absorption of carotenoids.”

Dairy Products and Fatty Fish Combination

Dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese are high in calcium, but the body can’t absorb them without the potential of vitamin D. Fatty fish like salmon, is rich in vitamin D that helps the body to absorb calcium effectively. Consuming the pairing of fatty fish and dairy food items help us get maximum calcium and make our bones strong.

Fresh Spinach With Citrus Fruits

Iron from plant-based food is hard to absorb by the body. Fortunately, God has made citrus fruits that convert iron into more easily digestible compounds for the body. Iron found in green leafy vegetables contains polyphenols that can restrain the absorption of iron in the body, explains the dietitian, Bazilian.