Gaming Glasses – What Are They?


The concept of a pair of glasses designed specifically to be beneficial to people who play video games seems… strange to say the least. However, to get a full understanding of why such a product even exists, this article aims to look into what “gaming glasses” are, what they do and how they do it.

What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming Glasses, like the pairs sold at specsmart, are a kind of eyewear designed specifically to combat the negative effects of prolonged exposure to blue light from screens that results from extended gaming sessions. This blue light is responsible for a number of ill effects in gamers and long-term workers alike.

Gaming glasses are designed to help both professional and passionate gamers to play for extended periods without the negative effects of blue light. It is even possible to order these with prescription lenses so that you don’t have to choose between the ability to see properly and the ability to block harmful light from your eyes.

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Simply put, gaming glasses block the harmful blue light emitted from most electronic devices without blocking the rest of the light that is emitted by these screens. This is helpful in protecting your eyes from the absolute laundry list of issues that blue light can cause in long-haul gamers. These issues include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dry Eyes
  • Disrupted Sleep
  • And More

Not only do gaming glasses claim to help combat all of these issues, but they are also supposed to be beneficial in reducing glare from screens which can further impair the health of your eyes.

How Do They Work?

By filtering visible blue light from passing through their lenses as well as slightly magnifying the screen through the lenses, gaming glasses prevent a lot of these issues from occurring. This is because, while the harmful blue light is not reaching your eyes, the glasses also slightly increase the size of your screen which also helps to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Are They Worth It?

Knowing all this, you may find yourself considering whether a pair of gaming glasses would be right for you. This is an interesting question and one that is largely dependent on your situation. If, for example, you work with computers eight hours a day before coming home and playing an enormous amount of video games, then yes, gaming glasses would likely be a worthy investment on your part. However, if you work away from computers and only really open up your laptop every now and again to play a few rounds of blackjack on an online casino, then chances are you aren’t going to be needing your own pair of gaming glasses especially when you consider the price.

Most prescription pairs of glasses available from Gunnar, the best company for blue light protection, will run you between 199.99 USD and 249.99 USD, with some even reaching 350 USD. This is an enormous amount of money to drop on something you don’t specifically need, so you’ll want to be absolutely certain you need that pair of gaming glasses before you buy.