Best Gender Reveal Gift Ideas – Surprise Your Loved Ones


Gender reveal parties are the most famous types of parties among couples, as they share the great news of finding out the gender of their baby and celebrate with their loved ones. The party, unlike many others, doesn’t only consist of some refreshments and fun games but consists of a big reveal. Though at a gender reveal party gifts are generally out of expectation, they play an important role to show your love towards the mom and dad. However, choosing the right gift for a gender reveal party is not as easy as it may seem.So, are you invited to a gender reveal party but running out of the perfect gender reveal gift ideas? Then, you’re at the right article.


Best gifts for gender reveal party:

Whether you’re involved in the planning of a gender reveal party or not, bringing a gift is just another way of getting involved in the happiness of the family. 

For your ease, we have categorized the gifts depending on whom you want to bring a gift for:

  • For the new mother:

Oh did you think that gift has to be only for the newborn? Well no, the new mother also deserves the pampering. So why not surprise the lovely mother with some stylish gifts listed below.

• Maternity Clothes:

Be it your friend or relative, the new mother-to-be needs that loving gesture from your side too. So why not show that love with some thoughtful maternity clothes.

However, buying clothes as a gift is quite trickier. So, before purchasing maternity clothes, make sure to collect the size and other preferences.

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• Flowers:

Irrespective of the type of occasion, flowers are always a perfect fit. The easiest way to connect with someone’s emotion is by bringing them some fresh flowers. For a gender reveal party you can go for a bouquet full of lavenders, peonies, or orchids.

If not real flowers, you can also opt for some flower-based soaps, lotions, and oils.

• Heartbeat Monitor:

New parents are generally worried about the welfare of their baby, so you can go for gifting a heartbeat monitor to your close ones. This may look like a non-fancy gift, yet it’s one of the most appreciated gifts.

• Mama to be Jewelry:

If you’re not sure about clothes size and fit, then you can always opt for some mama to be jewelry for the new mother.

• Baby wrap carrier:

Baby wrap carriers are super soft, comfy, and easy to tie for the new mother for easily carrying the baby around the house. 

• Plush robe:

Plush robes can be a nice gift for the new mommy-to-be as they’re soft and cozy enough to help the new mother relax after a nice bath.

  • For the new Dad to be:

While everybody is busy taking care of the newborn or the new mother, the new daddy also deserves some love and appreciation, so why not gift the daddy to be something he’d love:

• Wearables:

Most guys like to wear t-shirts, so why not bring the new father a nice t-shirt to make him feel like a man at the party. A few of the best gender reveal gift ideas include t-shirts with relevant prints like ‘Dad-to-be’ or some funny prints like ‘ The man behind the masterpiece’.

• Matching Parent’s mug:

Why not celebrate your friends turning parents the right way by gifting them new matching coffee mugs for the change. You can also get some customized printed mugs for the lovely couple with a personalized message or blessing. 

• Toolbox for the daddy:

Though it’s not a very good idea to leave a newborn alone with the experimental dad, LOL! Yet why not prepare a whole toolbox including the items the new dad might require to take care of the newborn like hairbrushes, hand towels, baby lotions, baby soaps, baby shampoo ,tissues, etc.

  • For the newborn:

Enough about daddy and mommy to be, now comes the trickiest part of buying the best gift for the newborn baby. 

To your rescue, we’re listing some of the best gifts for the gender reveal party, you can gift to the little baby:

• Baby quote blanket:

If you’re planning gifts for the gender reveal party for the newly born then you can opt for some super-soft, extra-large towels with some cute personalized message. 

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• Candy board:

If you’re not sure what to bring as a gift, then you can always go for a candy board for everyone to enjoy. You can also get it customized according to your preferred size, color, and personalization.

• Baby gift card:

Don’t want to buy any clothes for the newborn before gender revelation? Then why not go for the amazon gift card for the baby. This amazon gift card can be of utmost use for the baby and the parents as they can use it to buy something of their choice and need.

• Letters:

If the newborn is very close to your heart, then you can also write a letter with all your blessings and emotions for the newborn baby and give it to the parents wrapped in some flowers to make the gift more personalized.

• Diapers:

Though it may sound funny, diapers as a gift can turn out to be very useful for the newborn and the parents. You will find many diaper sets in the market for gifting purposes.

• Onesie:

If you’re planning to buy the newborn some clothes, then go for some onesies, as they can turn out to be one of the best gifts for a gender reveal party and perfect for those first-time parents. 

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What not to bring:

Though you can choose from a variety of gender reveal gift ideas, here is a list of what not to bring at a gender reveal party:

1) Gender-specific gift:

It’s not good to go for some gender-specific gifts or gifts with gender-specific colors, as the gender announcement is not made yet, it’s not a good idea to bring gender-specific gifts.

2) Alcohol:

Even though gender reveals a party is an ideal event for a toast, it’s not a good time for alcohol.

3) Offensive gifts:

You might want to celebrate your friend’s mom-to-be or dad to be momentary in your own funny way but a gender reveal party may not be an appropriate occasion for bringing something funny which may offend someone.

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A gender reveal party is a very emotional and special moment for the parents-to-be, with your lovely gestures and gifts it can be made more beautiful. So it’s very important to do thorough research on gender reveals gift ideas to plan your gift accordingly. 

However, make sure your gift doesn’t fall into the “don’t” category, as unintentionally but it may offend someone’s sentiment and may ruin either party’s sentiments or your relations with the hosting couple.

Well, we feel we have listed a large number of items you can choose from as gifts for the gender reveal party. Then what are you waiting for? Show your love towards the new parents-to-be and the newly born baby with these amazing gifts and share your experience in the chatbox below.