How To Take Care Of Your Armpits


There is very little out there as far as taking care of your under arms. There is plenty written about how to take care of other parts of your body. But, for some reason armpits are ignored.

Why should we take care of our armpits? Well, if you are shaving them, then you’ll be able to prevent razor burn and painful ingrown hair. Your deodorant will actually work better, too. And they’ll look better, too.

They’re as much a part of our body as any other and deserve some TLC.

In this article, I will go over some ways to take better care of your armpits.

Get the hair lasered

 Shaving your armpits is not a pleasant thing to always do. It can be painful and lead to razor burn.

If you do some laser hair removal on your under arms, then you are in a position to better take care of your armpits. No more worrying about your hair, stubble or razor burn. After you permanently get rid of your armpit hair, it will be easier to take care of them.

Exfoliate them

 Taking dead skin and oil from our pores is essential no matter what body part we are talking about. But it is really important for your armpits. Since it is a collection point for bacteria, it is why we get body odor when we sweat.

By exfoliating, we are cleansing the pores so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance there. They can’t multiply and you won’t smell as much when you sweat.

You’re also allowing skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin. If you are using a natural deodorant, then this will also get deeper into the skin to for a barrier that will prevent bacteria from forming.

Use natural deodorants

 Using a heavy deodorant that is full of harsh chemicals is actually doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Have you ever been faced with a deodorant no longer working? That’s because some of them tend to clog the pores and cause bacteria to grow which causes body odor.

Use a natural deodorant that goes on easy and also washes off easily. Natural deodorants aren’t just good for what they don’t have in them. They also have loads of beneficial ingredients.

These ingredients can leave your skin softer and healthier.

Use a fresh razor blade

 If you haven’t opted for laser hair removal and still shave, then make sure to use a sharp razor. This will prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. It can also limit the amount of bacteria on your armpits.

Old razors are breeding grounds for bacteria and shouldn’t be used more than three or four times. This is especially true if you are using your razor for your legs and bikini. Even if it doesn’t feel dull, it’s best to use a fresh one.


 Don’t neglect your armpits. If you take care of them you will feel much better when you aren’t worrying about if your deodorant is working. They’ll feel fresh and clean!