Genshin Impact Baal Skills : Raiden Shogun


Find the greatest “Genshin Baal skills” built here. Besides having only recently made his debut just a few versions ago, Inazuma’s archon of eternity and Electro has already been returned for a repeat. She will appear in Genshin 2.5 alongside Kokomi and Yae Miko, her best friend, in boss form for the brand-new weekly Trounce Domain challenge.

The Raiden Shogun is a very potent archon in her own right, just as Zhongli and Venti (opens in new tab). Her basic skill, Eye of Stormy Judgement, is excellent for reactions because it activates whenever you land a hit, regardless of range, and increases burst damage for the active character. Additionally, her Musou Isshin federal state increases damage from the bursts of other characters and can charge them when she strikes foes.

Build for Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun that is best-

Any effective build for the Raiden Shogun may attempt to stack her electrical damage as high as it can because it scales alongside her energy recharge.

This Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun building guide will cover her constellation, passives, and the ascent materials you’ll have to level her, and also the ideal configuration to take full advantage of her power recharge-scaling damage.


  • Weapons: Lightning that engulfs 

Since it is truly Raiden’s weapon, the new five-star polearm, which debuted in version 2.1, is ideal for her. Energy recharge receives a second stat boost from enveloping lightning, improving the attack by 28% of any excess energy recharge over the default 100%. This provides a max bonus of 80%.

  • Artefact: Emblem of Severed Fate

The Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set is excellent for the Raiden Shogun, much like with Sara (opens in a new tab). She becomes stronger with such a two-piece and gains a 20% energy charge-up bonus. With a four-piece, she receives another reward based on power recharge, which boosts burst damage by 25% of the stat. This will give you a maximum bonus of 75%. Although Raiden’s active abilities, Enlightened One and Severed Fate, have both restrictions on the harm bonus they can grant dependent on energy recharge, Engulfing Lightning and Severed Fate do not.

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Genshin Baal Skills/Abilities

  • It is hard for anyone to enter or leave the Inazuma Archon’s island zone. 
  • The Archon of Inazuma has stopped bestowing Visions, even though Archons are supposed to do so. 
  • She seizes her domain’s Visions of Vision bearers through the Vision Hunt Decree.

Genshin Impact: How to obtain Raiden Shogun? 

Kokomi and The Raiden Shogun both make a comeback in Genshin Impact 2.5. Because Yae Miko is the very first character banner to appear in this edition on February 16, Raiden won’t appear until about March 9. If you would like her at your party, saving those primogems is worthwhile because this may be your final opportunity to get her for a while.

Raiding Shogun’s Baal’s elemental talent: 

She will initially disclose a piece of her Euthymia as a result of genshin Baal skills Transcendence: Baleful Light, which deals AOE Electro DMG to nearby opponents. She will then bestow the party members with the Eye of Stormy Judgment, which deals with once-per-second synchronized assaults with her friends. The existing duration of this boost is 25 seconds, and it comes with a 10-second cooldown, so players can keep it active all the time.

The AOE explosion for this ability has a damage scaling that increases from 117.2% at level one to 210.69% at level ten, meaning that it can add significantly more damage to a team. The coordinated assaults scale from 42% at level one to 75.6% at level ten, therefore, players can benefit greatly from this skill.

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Q1) How long is Raiden’s skill effective? 

Ans- A nearby party member will receive an Eye of Stormy Judgment thanks to Raiden Shogun’s basic skill. The duration of this skill is 25 seconds; however, its cooldown time is merely 10 seconds.

Q2) Is Baal a DPS in the Genshin Impact Baal build guide? 

Ans- With a starting defensive stat of 61 and an attack stat that matches Diluc, Baal is one of the game’s strongest characters.

Q3) Is Raiden Shogun, the toughest opponent? 

Ans- The monster, also known as Raiden Shogun for convenience’s sake, is among the game’s hardest weekly bosses and even has an attack that may nearly kill you in one hit.

Q4) Who can Baal trust? 

Ans- Optimal Group for Baal. There is a strong probability that if you support Baal, you’ll also acquire a Kujou Sara.