Kegel exercises are those exercises which help a men or women to either preclude or control the involuntary urination and defecation. Even many other types of pelvic floor problems can be cured by doing these exercises. Kegel exercises also termed as pelvic floor muscle training, which you can perform prudently as per your convenience.

The pelvic floor muscles support the other inner organs like small intestine, bladder, rectum and uterus. Hence, such exercises beef up the pelvic floor muscles. It is essential for you to understand the benefits of Kegel exercises and then you will be guided on how to perform these exercises step by step.




What is the primary reason of doing Kegel Exercises?


There are various reasons behind the weakening or dampening of your pelvic floor muscles like Excess weight, ageing, pregnancy, surgeries and childbirth (delivery).


If you perform the Kegel exercises regularly, you can get a lot of benefit against the following issues: wetting of clothes with some drops of urination while laughing aloud, coughing and sneezing, laxation, feeling like urinating immediately again when you are done with it just a minute before (involuntary urination).


All these health problems are a big issue in one’s life and make the life very difficult to lead. So, the Kegel exercises play their role efficiently in eradication all such health issues. You can even do any of these after your delivery or even during your pregnancy. This will assist you in forestalling the problem of urinary incontinence.


The counselling session and sex therapy also given as the additional advantage along with the Kegel exercises especially for the women who have tenacious trouble in making contact with the orgasm.


But these exercises would not prove to be of great help for the women who have the difficulty of extreme urinary discharge during coughing, sneezing and laughing or even due to full bladder.

How to perform Kegel exercises

It is really important to know how to perform Kegel exercises to discover your pelvic floor muscles and in what way you can contract and then relax them. Here are some crucial points that you need to understand deeply:


Search for the right muscles: To find out your pelvic floor muscles, you need to stop the urination in the middle, which is quite challenging to do so. But in case if you succeed in this tough task, you will be able to identify the right muscles with an immediate effect.


The technique should be perfect:  As soon as you discover the pelvic floor muscles, the next step you need to follow is to vacate your bladder instantly and lay down on your back. Now, stiffen your pelvic floor muscles that is make them tight and confine the contraction for five seconds.

Then relax and loosen up for next five seconds. Repeat the same for about four to five times. If you can easily hold the contraction for five seconds, you can try it for ten seconds, for the next times and similarly you can increase the relaxation time too.

Be very concentrated:  If you wish to achieve the best results and that too within less time, then follow the entire process in a very concentrated manner. Do not bend the other muscles like that of thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Moreover, never hold your breath while exercising breath instead in a free manner as much as you can.

Repetition:  You are advised to target for leastways about ten repetitions in a day comprising of three sets each. As a piece of strict advice, do not take this process of performing Kegel exercise as a joke that does not try this exercise just to begin and end your urine stream because doing that again and again without a purpose can weaken your abdomen and uterus muscles.

In case of unfinished evacuation of the bladder, you might have to go through the problem of Urinary Tract Contagion.

When Kegel exercise should be and should not be performed?

You can perform the entire procedure of Kegel exercise whenever you wish. Why not make it a part of your routine task? Rather you should practice it in such a way that your time is entirely utilised like while checking your emails, surfing the net, relaxing on your couch, chilling at your desk etc.

Once you have understood the way to get the grip over it, then performing this exercise is not a big issue at all. So, it is entirely your choice as to when to perform Kegel exercise.

Should not be – Kegels should never be performed at the time of urination because making it a game by doing it always might hurt and harm your urinary bladder. This may further give rise to various other health-related problems.

Wonders of doing Kegel Exercises

Let us also know who all can enjoy the fruits of performing Kegels. They are: a) Women who are currently pregnant b) Women post pregnancy c) women who are suffering from urinary incontinence d) women who wish to prevent prolapsed uterus d) men or women who are into heavy lifting work e) Even those women who are completely healthy but not pregnant as well.

Here term Urinary incontinence means the involuntary leakage of urination. And prolapsed uterus happens to be for the women who have naturally given birth to children that means through the way of vagina, without any surgery.

In such condition the uterus slips from its original place at times or the pelvic muscles have weakened a lot.With the help of the Kegel exercises, one can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are meant to control the flow of urine and to hold the pelvic organs in their proper position and place.

There are three primary benefits as to why any doctor or health care supplier advise Kegel exercises. Those are:1) When there is involuntary urination while any such activities like laughing, coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting or jogging. If Kegels correctly did, and regularly, one can get over these embarrassing situations.2) Your urge of urination is so firm that you can’t even make up rushing to the toilet and things are out of your control.

Kegel Exercises work efficiently to overcome such a problem.3) During the normal delivery, pelvic floor muscles face a lot of pressure and so are weaken and stretched a lot, which further results into urine controlling issue or sagging of any pelvic organs as well. In case, if the uterus is sagged, this is termed as Uterine Pro-lapse in the medical science. Now such problems of women can only be solved by doing Kegel exercises.

Tip Form Abest Fashion

A pregnant woman can also do these exercises to get rid of any such health problems or even after pregnancy, it can be done.

How to manage, if exercise is causing you difficulty?

Well, there is nothing that you learn at once and above all when we talk about Kegel exercise for men and women, of course it is not so easy to do. In case, if you are facing any difficulty while doing the exercise, never hesitate to ask for assistance because if you continue doing it incorrectly, this will give birth to other health issues in spite of curing the one we wish.

You can share the difficulty that you are facing with your health care provider or even the doctor. In return, they will be able to guide you on the correct process, give you any feedback if required and will also lend a perfect solution to your problem for sure. Moreover, there are always some exceptions you know, so in such a case biofeedback training session will be the best help.

You can call it a live session where your doctor or health care supplier put in a tin probe into your rectum or vagina. There is monitor which will assess and exhibit your pelvic muscle floor activity as the contraction and relaxation of these muscles take place. Hence, your difficulty will actually be solved with a proper solution.

Incontinence can occur during pregnancy due to the pressure your growing belly places on your bladder. If you’re having trouble with urinary incontinence during exercise or any other time, invest in adult diapers to feel more at ease and comfortable, as well as save yourself from cleaning up the mess.

When can the outcome of Kegel exercises be anticipated?

If you are performing Kegel exercises on a daily basis and that too with the perfection, you will see the outcome very soon within some months itself like: very least frequent urine outflow even at the time of coughing, sneezing laughing aloud and along with many other benefits too.

All the problems mentioned above will definitely attain a cure with the help of Kegels. Some will find the cure early and some a little later as per the depth of the health problem. It sounds really good, isn’t it? So, in order to derive more and more benefits from these Kegel exercises, they should be made a part and parcel of your everyday life.

After all, exercises do no harm to your body rather benefit it a lot in one or the other way, if performed correctly. Wish you All the Best!!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experience about Kegal exercises.

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