Hange Zoë Death in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3?

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Hange Zoë – From the start of Attack on Titan, Hange Zoë is a significant side character. She first appeared in a special chapter [9.5] of the manga titled “Captain Levi.”

During the ultimate battle against Eren in Attack on Titan, a big loss occurred, and Hange Zoë made that sacrifice.

In the manga, we will refer to Hange Zoë using the gender-neutral pronoun “Them” to address the character.

This special character first appeared in show’s 9th episode. Hange Zoë is still alive in the anime because the series has not reached the manga Chapter 132, “The Wings of Freedom.”

How has Hange Zoë Died In Attack on Titan?

Hange Zoë chose to sacrifice themselves in the fight against the Titans. During the battle, they suffered 7 burn injuries, which caused them to fall from the sky and pass away. Hange Zoë’s last battle was against the Colossal Titans, marking the end of their career in the Survey Corps.

Hange Zoë sacrificed themselves because they believed the younger soldiers had more to offer in the final battle. They saw themselves as a senior member and felt their responsibility was to help the younger members survive.

How did Hange Zoë die in the show Attack on Titan?

Hange Zoë met their end while preparing to leave Odiha on a flying boat they designed. During the preparations, they faced an attack from Yeagerists and Floch, a former comrade from the Survey Corps. In the battle, Mikasa injured Floch badly but sacrificed himself by damaging the flying boat’s fuel tank, causing a fatal explosion. This tragic event led to Hange Zoë’s demise.

The Azumabito mechanics told Hange Zoë that fixing the system would take a long time. While they were waiting, they realized they were not alone anymore. They could feel the ground shaking as Eren’s Colossal Titans army approached.

To avoid the Titans and survive, someone has to stay behind and hold off the Titans while the others fix the flying boat and escape. Hange Zoë being the Commander appoints Armin as the group’s new leader.

Hange Zoë said it was crucial not to fail in any of the Titan Shifters because they were important for confronting Eren’s powerful Founding Titan form. While holding off the Titans, Hange Zoë used 2 Thunder Spears to defeat two. But realizing they needed more time for preparation, they resorted to using their blades to fight the Titans.

The Colossal Titans release a lot of heat and steam from their bodies, causing Hange Zoë to get burned. Despite the pain, Hange Zoë continued until the flying boat could take off.

Hange’s death was not clearly shown, and readers did not find a dead body. 

What was the reason behind Hange’s decision to sacrifice themself?

Their belief influenced Hange’s decision to sacrifice themselves in the presence of their fallen comrades. Whereas training for the upcoming stage of their journey, they asked Levi if he thought their past comrades were watching over them.

In the Attack on Titan chapter 132 final chapter, Hange Zoë also provides a sensible reason for their sacrifice. They believed they could not face losing Titan Shifters before the ultimate battle against Eren’s Founding Titan. Their sacrifice ultimately played a crucial role in their victory against Eren in the decisive battle.

Did Hange’s death have any significance or meaning?

Yes, Hange’s death impacted the final part of the Attack on Titan story. Their choice to appoint Armin as the new Survey Corps Commander was crucial. Some might say that this conclusion alone played a major role in helping Eren the Survey Corps win.

Armin, who became the Commander of the Survey Corps, showed incredible intelligence in making crucial decisions that led to their victory against Titan Rumbling of Eren. Hange Zoë knew about Armin’s strategic abilities, and despite Levi’s survival, many other senior officers were either deceased or had turned against them.

In which episode of the show does Hange Zoë lead to death?

Hange Zoë sacrificed themselves in Chapter 132 of the Attack on Titan manga, called “The Wings of Freedom,” to save their comrades from Eren’s destruction. Their sacrifice allowed the remaining Survey Corps members to escape using the flying boat before Eren’s Titan rumbling could reach them.

What Took Place After The Death of Hange?

After Hange’s death, they find themselves on the devastated ground. They ask if the flying boat has safely left the island, but Erwin, who has passed away before, assures them that their sacrifice was worth it and had a positive impact.

Was Hange’s Gender Ever Revealed In Attack on Titan?

In Attack on Titan, the author never revealed Hange’s gender. It is a fascinating aspect of their character. The author, Hajime Isayama, left it open to the reader’s interpretation. Hange’s appearance and personality can give the impression of both females and males in the story. However, Hange Zoë is presented as a female in the anime, and many translations of the manga follow the same to avoid confusion for the wider audience.

The song’s lyrics challenge traditional ideas about gender and break stereotypes.

Does Hange Zoë have any children or descendants?

In Attack on Titan, there’s no information about Hange having any descendants. It’s common for members of the Survey Corps not to live long enough to start families. Some fans believed Hange and Levi had a strong connection among all the soldiers in the Survey Corps.

In an interview about the characters, it was revealed that Levi once had to knock Hange unconscious to make them take a bath. Hange has no family left, but their character leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

Did Hange need to die in the story?

Hange’s death in chapter 132 and the manga’s conclusion in chapter 139 show that their sacrifice was significant for the story’s ending. It’s important to note that the creator, Isayama, had a special connection with the Hange character, as they were inspired by one of his friends of childhood.

It was risky for Hange to be the expert of the final battle. Their knowledge about the Titans made them one of the best to understand Eren’s intentions and Armin’s. So, it might have been Hange’s decision to sacrifice themselves that way.

Even though they were not the story’s main focus, Hange was still an important character. Their sacrifice adds depth to the unpredictable serious storyline and deaths in Attack on Titan.

Hange’s death also played a role in Armin’s character growth, pushing him to confront his best friend turned rival, Eren, one last time. 

As fans of Attack on Titan, we know that Hange Zoë was a veteran of the Survey Corps; however, their demise was both beautiful and surprising in the series. We would like to hear your thoughts on Hange’s death and if it also surprised you.