Best Heavy Duty Crates For Pet Dogs

heavy duty crates

There may be a time in your dog’s life when they will be put in a cart, such as when going to the vet or travelling. Being acclimated to spending peaceful time in a crate might be a lifesaver for both you and your pet, this is where heavy duty crates come in!

However, selecting the correct cage for your dog and then giving him efficient crate training to reap the most advantages takes time and forethought. If you have a big-breed puppy that will develop into a vast or mighty dog, you may want a heavy-duty dog crate that can withstand more significant wear and tear.

Heavy-duty crates protect, hold, and shelter large and small breeds at home or on the road.

These crates are composed of materials that can withstand the rigours of a severe chewer or a robust and 125-pound dog. Consider sturdy, high-quality steel, wheels for ease of transportation, and various locks to keep the dog safe when you’re not around.

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Who Should Buy a Heavy-Duty Crate?

• Owners of powerful dog breeds — Some breeds, such as Pitbull, are known for their strength and may easily tear apart a flimsy kennel.

• Pet owners with a large dog — Heavy duty dog cages come in handy for excursions to the clinic, when guests arrive, or when the dog wants a rest.

• Anxious dog owners — Anxious dogs of any size, can become destructive, and a crate keeps them secure and out of mischief while you’re away.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase a Heavy-Duty Crate?

• Owners of tiny dogs – While too large is preferable to too small, tiny breeds do not require the same security or durability qualities as large canines. However, suppose your dog is a serious chewer. In that case, several heavy-duty crates are available in smaller sizes to accommodate smaller dogs.

• Owners of calm dogs — If your dog is more like a sloth than a hurricane, you generally don’t need a heavy-duty cartes.

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Best Heavy-Duty Crates

ProSelect 37 Empire Dog Cage – Overall Winner

The ProSelect is a 20-gauge steel container reinforced with 0.5-inch steel tubes. The interior measurements are 35.75×23.5×24.5 inches, making it suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. The floor grate features a slide-out tray beneath for simple maintenance, as well as four retractable caster wheels that lock into position.

We like its robust, solid joint welds and twin door locks. Despite its 75.2 pounds, it is easy to move with the wheels attached.

Assembly is simple with the included hex key. However, assistance may be necessary if someone cannot lift and balance the crate’s large sections. No one like cleaning up after a pet in their home, but this heavy-duty crate makes it more accessible by adding a detachable tray at the bottom. The dog can stand, sit, or sleep on the metal grate (with bars spaced close enough for comfort), and any mess can fall through to the tray below. The tray may then be easily removed for cleaning.

This heavy-duty crate is built to last a lifetime.

 LUCKUP Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

When it comes to heavy duty crates and as well as long lasting crates, the material and structure should be sturdy. That is precisely what you get with this dog cage. The frame is made of metal, resistant to rust and corrosion. Because of this, it is perfect for the great outdoors and is impervious to dampness (and you know the kind of moisture I am talking about). In addition, the finish is non-toxic, so your dog will be safe and nearly hard to destroy.

The LUCKUP Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is ideal for medium or big dogs, and the bottom caster wheels make moving even the most giant dogs a joy. When you want the dog cage to be stationary, the casters may move in a 360-degree motion or lock. You’ll also like the extra security measures on the front door, which prevent pets from opening it (despite how clever they may be).

We’re on board with anything simple to clean. You can swiftly clean even the messiest (and stinkiest) messes with a detachable tray at the bottom of the dog box. Remove the crate without having to open it or even take your dog out.

For convenience, this dog cage comes flat-packed and is incredibly simple to assemble (even a dog could do it. well, I hope not).

The Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

 This Heavy-Duty Steel Dog Crate comprises a half-inch thick 22-gauge steel tube. It’s designed for canines who aren’t afraid to chew through plastic and shatter through thin steel. The coated steel’s hammer-tone finish prevents rust from developing when chewers sink their teeth in. In addition, welded seams help to reduce tension in the corners and edges.

The dual lock mechanism is likewise made of heavy-duty materials. Dogs cannot manipulate both locks since they are located within the box. However, these locks are likely to have met their match if you have an escape artist on your hands. The overall weight of this heavy-duty carton is 103 pounds. The four casters/wheels on the bottom allow it to be moved around.

The Impact High Anxiety Crate protects pups from destroying their crates and injuring themselves due to their anxiety. Thick metal has been used to create this remarkable pattern. Aluminium’s strength is equivalent to steels, although it is much lighter. Consequently, for frequent travellers, this crate is an ideal choice. It also includes airline rails, which make flying easier.

With four butterfly latches that the dog can’t reach, the Impact goes above and beyond a dual lock system. All of the seams are welded together to form a single piece of metal. Stackable corners reinforce each corner. It boasts 360-degree ventilation despite all of the protection. Finally, a paddle slam lock allows for secure access and escape.

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Slivery lake Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This is the best heavy-duty crate for the money. It has a steel structure with a front entry and a top door for easy access. A grate floor with a removable steel plate below makes cleaning easier.

It will easily fit a medium-sized dog since it measures 37×24.4×28.7 inches. In addition, we like how the design prevents high-anxiety dogs from escaping, harming themselves, or breaking the cage since the four caster wheels on the bottom are locked.

The item must be assembled, which we found simple. Once done, it’s simple to fold and transport. On the other hand, the locks are easily unlocked, and a clever dog will figure it out in no time. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the top spot because it isn’t as heavy-duty as the ProSelect.

The 54-inch-long Midwest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is perfect for large breeds like Great Danes and Wolfhounds. It includes two doors, each with a triple lock mechanism to make it easier for your dog to go in and out. In addition, corner drop pins secure the carton once assembled.

The crate contains an L-bar safety element that prevents the sides from folding inward during assembly due to its size. This provides the dog with lots of room to run about until you get home. Finally, a moveable plastic tray makes cleaning easier.

HAIGE PET Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This massive box is steel and has a non-toxic, anti-rust coating. It is 41.5×30.5×37 inches and is large enough to accommodate a medium to large-sized dog. The two locks with safety buckles keep your dog from escaping when you are not around.

We like how easily it folds down for storage or transportation and how there’s a detachable tray behind the grate that’s simple to clean. But unfortunately, because this tray is made of plastic, it may not last as long.

It is easy to assemble and includes all of the essential hardware. Although the caster wheels may be removed due to the weight of this container, leaving them attached makes it easier to transport.

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The Bottom Line

Pet cages come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and styles, but choosing the best indestructible dog crate needs some research and attention. Some items have broken locks; some have sharp edges. Some are made of cheap materials. Price isn’t always an indication of quality, with some of the most expensive heavy-duty dog crates being the least durable.

Another vital tip is to take your dog’s collar and tags off before putting them in the crate. It is just more comfortable for them not to wear a collar all of the time, but it can also help them avoid mishaps. Swinging tags and cloth collars are readily caught in the latches, hinges, and other container components.

Heavy-duty, crates are perfect for large dogs who chew excessively or have a Harry Houdini approach to escapology. 

The ProSelect Empire cage is the pet version of Alcatraz, explicitly designed for giant, potentially aggressive dogs. In particular, if your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, a dog cell should be a haven for him; therefore, getting the best, most indestructible one is the best choice, even if it means spending a little more. After all, if you aren’t there to keep an eye on your dog, you want to know he is safe and secure.