RIP Ajax September 10, 1980, Who Was the Culprit?

Spingarn High School will close in July, one of 15 D.C. public schools being closed to consolidate resources and save money. Photo credit: Jacob Fenston

RIP Ajax September 10, 1980, Who Was the Culprit?

You might be wondering why people are worried about what happened to Ajax on September 10, 1980, as the news of Ajax’s death spread like wildfire on the internet. High school is the only place most teens spend half of their day. Unfortunately, high school is one of the places where most misfortunes happen to students.

 If you want to know one of the high school’s misfortunes, this story is for you. Undeniably school has always been an important place in a person’s life as this is the only place that provides education and morals to students. However, the annual student death rate increases every year in high school; sometimes it is bullying that leads to suicide, and sometimes it is an accident, but Ajax September 10, 1980, the case was very different. So let’s find out what happened with Ajax. 

Who was Ajax?

Ajax, whose full name was Adrian Persia, used to study at a famous high school in his city and the entire state. According to the official statements, Ajax, on September 10, 1980, was one of his friends chilling in the hall of the school. The hall he was wandering was the hall of concert location of the school. Ajax fights with one of his mates, and his friend shoots him with the gun, and he dies on the spot. However, according to reports, it was an accidental death, but every student of the school knew that it was a murder by one of his mates.

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What happened to the high school?

As mentioned above, Spingarn high school was one of the most reputed schools of that time, but after the death of one of the most talented kids in their school, the school’s reputation went entirely down. As a result, student admission decreased, and even the existing students left their education in between due to this horrible incident. 

Who was the culprit?

It was first reported that Ajax’s death was a tragic accident and nothing more than that. However, it was later found that Michael Joseph Pratt was guilty of Ajax’s death. At the time of Ajax September 10, 1980, death, he was merely 16 years old. On the contrary, Michael was merely 18 years old. He wasn’t even wholly adult. As per reports, it was an impulsive decision to shoot Ajax, as Michael had no initial plans to kill him. Even the school authorities failed to solve the mystery of the argument between Ajax and Michael. 

Everyone in the school mourned Ajax, and the incident recently became highly famous on the internet. Ajax was just 16 years old, and he had a lot to achieve in his life, but his unfortunate death left his loved ones in shock, and they still have not moved on from the fact that Ajax left them at such an early age. 

Currently, the Spingarn high school is utterly sealed by the government authorities, and the government has no plans to reopen the school. Nevertheless, it is everything you should know about the murder mystery of Ajax. The school said the gun was pretty hard to identify as a real weapon because the size of the gun used by Michael was tiny. 

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