How To Use And Download Topstore Apps?



Try TopStore if the official iOS app store no longer meets your needs.TopStore, an unofficial app store, offers users a different selection of modified games, apps, and other products for free and without jailbreak.

How to Get TopStore Installing TopStore on your device necessitates putting the configuration profile on your device.How to do it:

Navigate to the official TopStore website using the Safari browser. Download the configuration profile and tap Install in the pop-up. When the TopStore icon loads on your home screen, it’s almost ready to use. Open Settings > General and then Profiles & Device Management. Tap the TopStore profile, tap Trust, and then close Settings. TopStore is now ready to use.

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Tips for Using TopStore:

TopStore is simple to use and navigate:

Open TopStore by tapping the icon. Select a category, then tap any app or game you like to download it. When the icon appears on your home screen, it has been installed.

Follow the installation instructions from step 4 onward if you encounter the untrusted developer error while using the application.

TopStore Features In addition to being free and not requiring a jailbreak, you can access thousands of tweaked games and apps.And to make things easier, everything is categorized as follows:

Top iOS Games – the best iOS games for free with all features unlocked Modified Apps – stock apps with cool new features TopStore Errors and Solutions Although TopStore is a reliable installer, it does have a few common errors, all of which are simple to resolve. 

iOS Apps – official content for free Exclusive Apps – unofficial content that can only be found here, including working emulators, screen recorders, and more White or blank screens are extremely common and simple to repair:

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Navigate to Safari > Settings > Clear Website Data. Your screen should now appear normal.

TopStore Keeps Crashing is an unofficial app installer that may be legal to use, but it is constructed using expired enterprise certificates. If this does not resolve the issues, restart TopStore.

Apple doesn’t like this, so it quickly removes them, which causes TopStore to crash.Do not delete the app store at this point;Install an anti-revoke app or a recommended VPN while you wait for the developers to replace the certificates to prevent this from happening again.

SSL Errors Unofficial content frequently experiences SSL Errors, which are simple to fix:

1st Method:

Make sure that none of the tabs in Safari are open by closing Safari. Wait a few minutes before downloading TopStore; it should now work.

If not, try these:

2nd Method:

Restart your device, download TopStore, and it should work. Untrusted Developer Error This is another common problem with unofficial content because Apple does not know the developer; Close all open applications. Close Safari once more.As a result, they cannot rely on them; you can:

Locate the TopStore or app developer profile in Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management (the name is in the error message). Tap on it and then tap trust. Close Settings; your app should now work. How to Delete TopStore Delete TopStore is simple, whether you need to fix errors or simply no longer want it.

Select one of the two options:

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1st Method:App Icon: Hold the icon on your home screen for a long time. When it moves, tap the small X in the upper right corner to delete it.App Profile To remove TopStore from your device, open Settings, then select General, then Profiles & Device Management. Tap the TopStore Profile, then Delete Profile.

TopStore Frequently Asked Questions We frequently receive inquiries regarding TopStore; the following responses address those inquiries:

My device’s warranty will be affected by TopStore.

It won’t, no.Due to the absence of a jailbreak requirement, TopStore is a legal application.You don’t need any special permissions to use TopStore instead of hacking the iOS root.If you’re worried, just uninstall it before taking your device to a repair shop and install it again later.

How safe is TopStore?

It is, yes.Again, you don’t need a jailbreak, so you don’t put your device at risk from the outside.Additionally, SSL encryption safeguards your downloads, data, and device.Last but not least, you should install any updates that the developer issues because they not only bring you new content but also fix bugs and improve security.

One of the best unofficial installers currently available is TopStore;Try it out for free right now, and you’ll change how you download apps from now on.