The Rise of Lab-Created Diamonds and Its Impact on the Diamond Industry


Diamonds are assets that possess high market value. It’s an investment whose value increases as days go by and its attractive and brilliant qualities attract more buyers to purchase. The diamond industry is also doing its best to produce and sell quality diamonds like natural and lab-grown diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds become in demand nowadays as they possess the same features as natural ones. This article is all about the rise of lab-created diamonds and their impact on the diamond industry. This will also feature you buy engagement rings and lab-grown diamonds of Rare Carat like the 3-carat and 4-carat weight.

Aesthetically Identical with Natural Diamonds

Lab-created or lab-grown diamonds are diamonds made in a laboratory or grown in a lab using machines and other processing equipment in an artificial setting that mimics how natural diamonds are made below the mantle of the Earth. These diamonds have the same brilliant shine as natural diamonds offer and are ideal for social and environmental couples or lovers. These diamonds are in the eyes of the market nowadays as they are aesthetically identical to natural diamonds. When they are exposed using ultraviolet light, they have no fluorescence compared to the natural ones that possess yellowish glow color. The good thing about these diamonds is they have improved clarity as they can be created or made in a controlled environment that avoids flaws to occur. Currently, there are two ways that are being used to create lab-grown diamonds and these are HPHT or High-Pressure High Temperature and the other one is CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition.

Its Sustainability Creates More Job Opportunities

Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable diamonds compared to natural diamonds which normally require the removal of earth and consume fossil fuels and freshwater. Mining natural diamonds can cause acid mine drainage, and air pollution, contaminate water sources, destroy ecosystems, and even result in abusing human rights, especially with unethical diamond mining. Lab-created diamonds use renewable energy and the process of creating them is relatively straightforward and sustainable. Thus, its constant and increasing demand from buyers who also care for the environment will keep the diamond industry to create more of this kind of diamond. When more demands for this item keep on increasing or progressing, then its ripple effect will also create more job opportunities for employees and diamond industry owners.

Lab-Grown 3 Carat Diamond

Like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also graded on the same scale that normally takes into consideration the involvement of the 4 Cs like its carat weight, cut, clarity, and color. If you are searching for lab-grown diamonds online, Rare Carat offers various diamonds for you to choose from. You can modify and save your time by searching using their website, as you have the option of what particular shape, color, clarity, carat, cut, and price you want. At Rare Carat, they offer Lab Grown 3 carat diamonds and the price ranges from $8,000 to more than $8,000. For a 3-carat round lab-grown diamond, the price is $8,400 while for a 3-carat cushion lab-grown diamond, the price is $8,054. Shop now at their website as they are the number 1 online diamond industry in the US and even their products and services reach other international countries.

4 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Price

The carat weight of a diamond does not always determine its value as there are factors to consider like its color, clarity, and cut. But of course, since larger diamonds are more desirable and rarer, their price increases compared with less carat weight. If you want to know the 4 carat Lab Grown diamond price, shop now at, as they have different diamonds that you will surely love. The average price of this type of lab-grown diamond is $4,586 for a 4.02 carat VS2 ideal cut while $5,960 for a 4.02 carat SI2 excellent cut. The price of this type of diamond ranges from more than $4,000 to more than $7,000 with the involvement of 4C’s.

Best of Rare Carat

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