Fans Reactions On miHoYo Wants Honey Impact 


Honey impact– Honey Impact is a popular Genshin Impact website because it has information about leaked characters and helpful guides. Evidently, this website was warmly received by some Genshin Impact fans. As a result, miHoYo received criticism and met with supporters of Honey Impact.

miHoYo asked Bilibili to reveal information about the identities of several leakers. This also forced some well-known Twitter leakers to constantly close their accounts. Obviously, Genshin Effect fans aren’t excessively excited to have Honey Effect as miHoYo’s next target.

Some fans were angered and dissatisfied as a result of this incident. But some people understand why miHoYo wants to shut down a website that uses and breeds information that was leaked.



One of the most general and straightforward responses to miHoYo’s claim that it has taken down Honey Impact is the tweet above. A user made an important point about the fact that Genshin Impact leaks don’t just come from Honey Impact.

Some players and fans support miHoYo’s decision to remove it, while others are dissatisfied with the situation.

These fans frequently record their responses below the original tweet or in supporting tweets. They still get a lot of boosts and likes.

Honey Impact, on the other hand, did not bow to miHoYo’s demands that the information not be leaked. These fans have a problem with Honey Impact because of the way it posts leaks on the website—not about the guides that don’t contain leaks.

Some fans no longer admire miHoYo. Others believe that without websites like Honey Impact, Genshin Impact will vanish. Finally, all that remains is to see if Honey Impact withstands miHoYo’s wrath.

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How to get sticky honey roast genshin impact?

The Dawn Winery version of the Daily Commission Food Delivery can also be used to obtain the recipe. Sticky Honey Roast decreases stamina depleted by climbing and sprinting by 15/20/25% for all party members for 900 seconds, depending on the quality.

Where to get sticky honey roast genshin impact?

The Sticky Honey Roast recipe can be obtained in two ways. First, by accepting Sara’s Food Delivery commission from Dawn Winery (Good Hunter). Second, complete Jean’s quest: Day off for the master.