Sorenson forensics consulting: Review

Sorenson forensics consulting: Review

Sorenson forensics consulting – Knowing forensics and its significance in criminal investigations is essential. The primary purpose of forensic science is to assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes. However, forensics is also essential in helping to solve civil and criminal cases. During the investigation process, genetic fingerprinting, data collection and analysis, DNA samplings, and other similar devices are used in Sorenson forensics consulting

The skilled professionals of Sorenson forensics consulting are trained and highly experienced in using all these machines and devices. It makes them very effective in their key roles, thus helping law enforcers to get the results they want. Two brothers established the company. The owners’ main goal was to create a hard-working team of experienced professionals who could deliver results that exceeded their client’s expectations. The Sorenson Forensics staff is passionate about producing accurate and reliable results for their clients.

The services offered by Sorenson Forensics are categorized into three broad categories: paternity testing, forensics DNA testing, and human identification, including bone marrow typing, kinship DNA test, and missing person search. In every case, the company seeks to have total transparency regarding its services and maintain quality ethics at all times.

The Criminal Paternity Test from Sorenson Forensics:

Paternity testing, also known as parentage testing, aims to confirm the relationship between an alleged father and a child or children. This test is essential in determining whether a person who claims to be the child’s biological parent is telling the truth or lying.

The Sorenson forensics consulting paternity test uses the industry standard DNA marker set called “Autosomal Plus”, which is recommended by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). This test allows for increased levels of accuracy when compared with other tests that use non-standard markers. In addition, it can be used in legal and private cases where the alleged fathers are willing to cooperate with the tests. 

This paternity test offers a 99.9 percent accuracy rate which is relatively high compared with other methods, such as blood testing and hair analysis. In addition, the results of this test are admissible in any court of law. The criminal paternity test can also be used in personal cases where the alleged fathers are willing to cooperate with the tests.

The Sorenson Forensics criminal paternity test can be done in two ways, depending on what is mutually agreed upon by all parties involved:

In a standard paternity test, samples are collected from the child, mother, and alleged father and analyzed using highly specialized techniques that determine the specific genetic markers unique to each person. Next, the child’s profile is created after the markers are sequenced. Finally, the child’s profile is compared with the alleged father, and a percentage result is obtained. This percentage indicates the probability of paternity.

The Sorenson Forensics test is different in that it requires a blood sample from the alleged father, mother, and child. The blood sample is tested for DNA markers that are unique to each person. After this testing, information regarding the relationships between people can be determined.

The results of this test are also highly reliable and accurate due to specific techniques used in testing and examining blood. The Criminal Paternity Test from Sorenson Forensics can only be done when all parties agree to participate. In addition, for the test to be conducted, a court order or other legal documentation authorizing the paternity test must be issued by a judge.

 It ensures that there is no coercion on the part of the alleged father or mother and eliminates any misunderstandings among all parties. The results of this test are admissible in any court of law. However, if the alleged father refuses to participate in the support process, another approach will have to be taken to collect samples for testing.

Information on Sorenson Forensics:

Sorenson Forensics, located in Sorenson, Utah, is a well-established company serving the legal community since 1996. Because of this brand’s reputation for high-quality services, Sorenson Forensics is featured on many top lists.

The company provides DNA analysis for individuals and families involved in legal issues and personal cases where parental relationships are disputed. In addition, they provide paternity testing for individuals who wish to determine the paternity of children born through surrogacy. The Sorenson Forensics paternity test aims to clarify the relationship between the child and the alleged father.

Legal DNA Testing:

Sorenson Forensics provides an alternative to court-ordered DNA testing. It is achieved by employing a team of highly trained analysts who provide individualized service to their clients. In addition, the Sorenson Forensics legal DNA sample collection kits contain all of the necessary components designed for use in court-ordered tests. 

It ensures that the most accurate result can be obtained from every sample collected. This company does not compromise on quality to accommodate clients who wish to do their testing. The Sorenson Forensics team comprises experts who are very experienced in DNA. 

They are trained to classify samples with utmost accuracy. The tests that Sorenson forensics consulting perform are always done in compliance with all legal guidelines. All results are admissible and can be used in court proceedings and private cases where the alleged fathers or mothers disagree with the paternity test results. Sorenson Forensics provides a comprehensive means of establishing the identity of a minor child born through surrogacy. 

The Final Word:

Sorenson Forensics is known for its high-quality services and reliable results. The judges and legal professionals who have taken counsel from them can attest to this fact. Because of this, many litigants rely on the services of this company when it comes to legal matters relating to DNA testing and paternity testing. The tests performed by the Sorenson Forensics team are accurate, hassle-free and in compliance with all local laws.

The Sorenson Forensics legal DNA test can be used by anyone who wishes to determine the paternity of a child born through surrogacy in any situation where the alleged father refuses to cooperate with other attempts at establishing paternity. It includes cases where the alleged father and mother are involved in a legal proceeding, like a divorce.

The user can also use it when the alleged father or mother refuses to provide blood samples for such testing. The Sorenson Forensics paternity test is offered at an affordable price and is suitable for both sexes.

In addition, the results are highly reliable and accurate, even in cases of multiple paternity. The results obtained from this test will prove to be extremely useful when resolving any future disputes between parties who may have disputed the child’s paternity.