Ashley Piercing: Meaning, Procedure, & Everything You Need to Know

ashley piercing

If you love piercings, then you would definitely like Ashley piercing. You might know about a lot of different types of lip piercing, and most probably, vertical labret is one of those. Nevertheless, there is a cool version of this famous piercing, which is known as Ashley piercing. 

What is Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing is one of the actual lip piercings, and it includes a single puncture exactly through the center of the lower lip, and it exits through the back into the mouth. In Ashley piercing exit hole is placed inside the mouth, and the entrance point is visible on the lip.

Ashley piercing is like labret vertical labret piercing, and the technical term for this type of piercing is inverse vertical labret piercing. In Ashley piercing as the puncture is placed inside the mouth, so only the front end of the jewelry is visible to the viewers. The backside of the piercing rest insides the mouth, so the viewers can not see it. 

what is ashley piercing

Procedure of Ashley Piercing 

Ashley piercing starts with sterilizing the instruments and the place of puncture. For Ashley piercing, you should visit a skilled and experienced piercer so that he or she chooses the appropriate piercing location. 

If the piercing location is not chosen properly, it can affect the lip movement. After choosing the right entry and exit spot, the piercer marks the spot using a surgical pen. Then, with the help of clamp, the lip is fixed and is perforated with 14G needles in the outside to inside direction. Finally, the lip piercing is complete. 

Always ask your piercer to properly sanitize the instruments, and also ask them about the aftercare rules in order to avoid future complications.  

How much does Ashley Piercing Hurt? 

The procedure of Ashely piercing is one of the most painful. On the pain scale, the pain level falls on 5 points out of the 10. This piercing is not for individuals who have less tolerance for pain. 

During the procedure, the needle comes in contact with some of the nerve endings, which leads to pain and discomfort. Even after completion of the procedure, the lip becomes swollen and sore, which adds to some discomforts. 

Some people take painkillers like ibuprofen in order to decrease the pain quickly. Additionally, in order to reduce the pain, you should think about the beautiful outcomes. 

ashley piercing

How much does Ashley Piercing cost? 

The expected cost of Ashley piercing ranges between $30 and $85. The cost of Ashley piercing also depends on the location of the shop and the piercer. 

A lot of nerves end in the lips; hence the location of the piercing is critical in Ashley piercing. Misplaced Ashley piercing can impact the movement of the lips and can also lead to permanent damage. Always choose an experienced piercer who is skilled in Ashley piercing. 

Popular Ashley Piercing Jewelry Styles

The most popularly preferred jewelry style for Ashley piercing is labret stud. The main reason for using a labret stud is that the flat disc at the back of the stud restricts the contact to the jewelry with your gums and teeth. Most of the Ashely piercings comprise 14G or 16G.

The bezel settings are considered best for these piercings as they allow you to show off gemstone with a comfortable setting. 

You can also opt for larger gemstones. Labret studs having daintier ends are less invasive, and they provide an attractive aesthetic. Some people also wear a 14k gold ball and also opt for attractive charms like opals, pearls, or diamonds. 

ashley piercing

Effective Healing and Aftercare Tips of Ashley Piercing 

The location of Ashley piercing is unique, so you need to be more careful with your aftercare products. When your piercing is new, you should avoid touching the new jewelry. Since the location of piercing is on the lips, it is difficult to limit touching the jewelry. 

In the first few weeks of the piercing, be extremely careful with your jewelry. Touching your teeth on the jewelry, and jewelry rejection are some of the risks related to piercing. Below mentioned are some effective healing and aftercare tips for Ashley piercing. 

  • Avoid playing with your jewelry as its location is in the mid of the lip so it can lead to complication
  • Don’t wear tight jewelry as it can be a risk for the piercing and can lead to swelling
  • Eat soft and cold food like ice cream, yogurt as it helps in reducing pain and swelling
  • Wash your hands properly before touching the piercing in order to avoid infection
  • Be careful while brushing your teeth and use soft bristles brushes
  • Avoid using lipstick and other makeup products to the pierced area as it might lead to infection
  • Don’t even accidentally bite your jewelry as it might pose an issue 
  • Avoid kissing during the process of healing
  • Avoid touching foreign objects on the piercing including your hands
  • For fast healing use, high-quality aftercare sprays for the piercing

ashley piercing

Tips to Clean the Piercing

If you don’t want your lip to get infected, then it is better to follow a better cleaning routine. In Ashley piercing, it is essential to clean inside as well as outside areas of the mouth. Below mentioned are some helpful tips to clean your piercing.

  • In order to clean the outside part of the piercing, use a saline solution. Prepare the solution by mixing a one-quart teaspoon of salt in warm distilled water. After making the solution, soak it in the cotton ball and clean the pierced area with it. Apply this solution two to three times a day
  • To clean the inside area of the piercing, rinse your mouth twice a day and especially before going to bed
  • Use antibacterial cleanser or soap once or twice every day. But remember not to use more than half a minute

Risks associated with Ashley Piercing 

If you are planning to get Ashley piercing, you should be aware of the risks associated with it. Due to the unique location of Ashley piercing, a wide range of risks is associated with it. Now, if you’re thinking If you are thinking, why shouldn’t I get Ashley piercing, here are some risks related to it. 

  • There are chances of getting yellow pus due to infection in the piercing
  • If you are allergic to certain metals, then avoid wearing them in the piercing
  • Ashely piercing can also lead to gum erosion. Tooth scrambling or swelling
  • If you opt for wearing larger labret stud or jewelry, then it can lead to widening the skin and can leave a scar
  • There are chances that your body might not accept certain metals so chose labrets made of surgical steel


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