HOW OLD IS ELLIE IN THE LAST OF US 2  – Ellie, a young but seasoned character, plays a crucial role in the final episode of Us. you might mistake Ellie for being older than she is given how resilient she is and the many individuals and creatures she has slain. 

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Birthday of Ellie 

There is no indication of Ellie’s exact birthdate in either the games or the comic book adaptation. In How Old is Ellie in the Last of Us 2, we learn that she is 14 years old shortly after we first meet her. We additionally understand that the entire game is set in 2023, except its preamble. 

Ellie was likely born somewhere in or around 2019.

Five years have passed since the events that took place in The Last of Us, the sequel. We can assume that Ellie is nineteen years old throughout the occurrences of the subsequent game because she was 14 throughout the first game.

It’s surprising how young Ellie is for a person who has suffered a lot of loss and misery and has perpetrated a similar amount of anguish upon so many others. 

The final few of Us 2’s events take place over a calendar year. This indicates that Ellie will have turned 20 by the time the game is over. Considering everything she has previously endured, that is still a fairly early age. 

Ellie is 19 years old in the video game The Last of Us Part 2.

Ellie’s storyline in the video game The Last of Us resembles that of the television program. Joel in the online game chooses to save Ellie above the chance of discovering a cure after learning that she will die during surgery to create the vaccine. In The Last of Us Part II, their narrative resumes years later. Ellie, 19, and Joel’s relationship has changed as a result of Joel’s deception. Ellie spends the remainder of the game attempting to seek revenge on Joel after he is killed for his part in the death of the surgeon who had been scheduled to operate on Ellie.

It has been announced that the second season of The Last of Us 2 on HBO is going to premiere shortly after The Last of Us Part 2, just like the first season did immediately following the first The Last of Us video game. In an exclusive interview with Variety, co-showrunner Craig Mazin said that since Ramsey has reached 19 years old, he won’t have to wait to start filming an older Ellie. This means Ellie will make an appearance in the future season when she’s 19-year-old, just like throughout the game. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Ellie’s age in The Last of Us Parts 1 and 2?

Ans. In the television adaptation of The Last of Us, Ellie is 14, although Bella Ramsey is 19 years old. Ellie is likewise 14 in the original game, and she is 19 in the final episode of Us Part 2.

Q2) Who is Ellie’s secondary love interest?

Ans. The strongly defended community of Jackson, Washington is where Ellie and Joel ended up in the sixth episode of The Last of Us: Part Two in their search for Tommy, and it also happens to be wherever she and Joel fall in love with Dina, a girl they meet there.

Q3) Who was Ellie’s initial fling?

Ans. Riley, Ellie’s first crush and the one who she lost, is introduced in the episode by Storm Reid. Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann go into further detail about how Ellie’s decisions now are impacted by that experience in a brand-new feature.