Treatment To Get Rid Of Fleas In Human Hair

Get Rid Of Fleas

Yeeeewww! Do you feel like itching and scratching your head? Are the fleas in your hair the reason behind making you feel so repugnant and irritating? Well… not to worry because their existence is not permanent rather you can get rid of bothersome fleas in human hair just by espousing some easy treatments. It might take some time but will surely grant you relief against this problem. Moreover, it will also ease you from the problem of itching too. Though there are numerous ways to cure this trouble you need to follow these methods properly and have a little more patience to achieve success.

Along with natural treatments, there are also few homoeopathic treatments too which can assist you in the mission to remove fleas from your hair effectively. To be clear, homoeopathic intervention might take a little long time because they are not as effectual as the chemical interventions. But the best part is that they do not leave any side effect like irritation. Mark a point to never opt for any such treatment that is contrived for your pets else its fallout could not only be disastrous but also would prove to be useless. So, kindly do as it is advised for you. Now, let’s check out few effective treatments for fleas in human hair:

  1. Dish Detergent, Hot water & Lemon Extract:

First way could be to mix a dish detergent in the bucket of your hot bath water along with one cup of lemon juice. Now soak your hair in this bucket for a period of half an hour which contains all the three: hot water, lemon extract and dish detergent. You must be thinking how this will work? The fatty acids present in the dish detergent and lemon extract will do their work effectively and kill all the fleas in human hair.

What you need to keep in mind while following this treatment is that the water should be hot enough (only as much you can bear) and if required should be cooled again so that the treatment does not turn out to be a waste. Once the time of treatment is over, gently soak the water off your hair with a towel and comb your hair. You might find few fleas coming out along as you comb. In this case, put those fleas in that same bucket of hot water so that they are killed. Later you can shampoo your hair thoroughly. You are sure to find relief from fleas.

Moreover, to derive the maximum benefit from this treatment; you can repeat this method twice in a week and continue following the same measure till you get rid of fleas completely. Also, take necessary measures to abolish these fleas from the environment too so that they do not remerge in your hair or your pet’s fur and again become a bothering issue for you.

  1. White Vinegar & Shampoo:

Second natural remedy that can help you in getting rid of fleas from your hair is: While shampooing your hair just add few drops of white vinegar to it. Now massage your scalp softly so that the solution can be absorbed deep and let it remain on your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off your hair with lukewarm water. As a piece of advice; don’t let this solution get into your eyes at any cost else it might cause excessive irritation and in case if it happens by chance, immediately wash your eyes with slightly warm water. Replicate this treatment twice in a week. It will lend you comfort and kill fleas.

  1. Alcohol & Shampoo:

The third way to get rid of fleas in human hair is: Rub alcohol. While taking a shower just pour one cup of alcohol in your hair and rub or massage it on your hair for some time. Don’t let the entire scalp getting exposed to this rubbing alcohol and also save your eyes from letting this solution entering in your eyes. Wash your hair properly once the time is up. To add on, this intervention can be repeated several times until you fully do away with fleas in hair.


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  1. Tree Oil & Shampoo:

In addition to all the above methods, one more method that can turn out to be a saviour in your flea-free mission is the Tree Oil Treatment. Pour the required shampoo into a mug and add little tree oil to it. Now mix it well and rub your hair with this mixture. Then let it remain on your hair for around ten odd minutes before you rinse it off. Just take care of your eyes while applying this because like alcohol and vinegar, this might also annoy your eyes. This application can also be applied twice to thrice in a week or whenever you are going for a hair wash.

Mind you; whichever treatment you choose, it will demand time, patience and effort. If you are ready to give all these three then your hair will be flea free for sure.


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The above methods are the ways to get rid of fleas, but there is a famous proverb which says ‘Precaution is better than cure; which here means that you need to be extra cautious not to let these fleas make a home in your hair. Meaning thereby; you strictly need to keep your home, furniture and pets also flea free. Now for this, you can either go for flea removal methods that are available in the market or can try the natural ones. Also, keep your environment very neat and clean.

Hope that the above-given piece of information proved helpful to you. Please share if you have any additional ways as it might be a help to others too in getting rid of fleas from hair.