How Is Sugar Responsible For Increased Levels of Inflammation In The Body


Inflammation is good as well as bad for the body. Inflammation is the body’s natural process of healing itself naturally from injuries. Inflammation protects the body by releasing the fighting chemicals against the bacteria during infections ad injuries. It causes redness and swelling to protect the body from harmful bacterial infection and for healing injuries.

Foods like sugar can cause an increase in the levels of inflammation but at normal rates, which is okay. However, consuming that same sugar in high amounts, in that case, you are inviting various chronic and health-hazardous diseases. This high consumption of inflammatory foods leads to serious health issues like diabetes, allergies, insulin resistance, obesity, cancer, and heart diseases.

How High Consumption of Sugar Leads To Increased Inflammation Levels?

Several studies on humans have shown the relatable link between high amounts of added sugar and increased inflammatory markers with it. Studies show that diet with added sugar leads to diseases like diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, gut permeability, and bad type of inflammation.

For instance, a study reveals that 40-grams of added sugar content in a can of soda (375 ml) per day leads to an increase the inflammatory markers. People those who suffer from obesity and consuming soda drink from regularly from six months are found to have increased inflammation levels, uric acid, and insulin resistance. Moreover, with the added sugar, refines carbohydrates have similar effects on the body, thus leads to increased inflammatory markers, like CRP.

What Are The Effects Of Added Sugar Onto The Body

Intake of excess amounts of sucrose and refined carbs have chronic effects on the body and invite life-threatening diseases. Consumption of excess added sugar causes several health-hazardous changes in the body, that is why every expert dietician suggests not to eat sugary foods and add extra sugar in your meals. Here below are the several effects caused by the excess added sugar:

  • Leads to increase in “BAD” LDL Cholesterol Level: High the inflammatory marker, higher the bad cholesterol levels. It is found the increased CRP levels lead to an increase in the excess LDL Cholesterol, which leads to chronic diseases in the future.
  • Leads to Increased in Gut Permeability: Toxins, bad bacteria, and undigested particles of food entered into the body due to sugary and refined food products easily move out of the gut and get entered into the bloodstream, that leads to increased inflammation in the body.
  • Leads to Increase Production of AGEs: AGEs or Advanced Glycation End-products produced in the body when fat or protein combined with the sucrose present in the bloodstream. AGEs are harmful disease-causing compounds in the body. Increased levels of AGEs in the blood cause oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Leads to Increased Weight: Foods that contain added sugar and refined carbs are the primary cause of weight gain. Thus, excess body weight has been linked to obesity and increased inflammation in the body.

Not only sugar, there are several other factors too that also have a severe impact on the body and responsible for the increase in the inflammation levels like smoking, spicy food, stress, fat or oil-based product consumption, and medications.