How Much Is A Gameboy Worth In 2021?


How much is a Gameboy worth in 2021: The Gameboy is a popular console until today, released in 1998. It is available in multiple limited editions and exciting color variants, twice faster than the regular Gameboy.

Recently, the Gameboy color again became popular, which can be worth a lot of money.

The rising price of Gameboy colors is chalked down to a few factors. One of them is that retro game consoles are popular and cool again. They are picked up with Pokemon Go’s increasing popularity and have become rare collectible. How much is a Gameboy worth in 2021?

If we talk about the increasing price, many people thought that price would go slowly with the death of Pokemon Go; however, today, in 2022, the Gameboy Consoles are still worthwhile.

Since 2016, the consoles have been priced the same as you pay for a used PS4 console or PS3 slim.

It is worth doing if you are thinking of selling your Gameboy Console to get some cash. The exact worth of your console depends on the cosmetic condition and edition of the console so that you can get the worth of your money back.

Since some Gameboys are pricing $700, that is more than PS5, which is not less.

If you are planning to buy a Gameboy Console, check out the price difference between the used console in mint condition and the brand new Gameboy. 

Now, let us check out the Gameboy color, purple.

Gameboy Color Purple

The Atomic Purple Gameboy Color console is one of the most demanding and popular consoles. If you compare it with the Grape GBS, which has a translucent purple color, its price is similar to other consoles.

Price of Gameboy color purple: 

For loose units: The lowest price in the past five years was $34 in 2018.

For new units: The highest price for a Gameboy color purple is $500 in 2021.

New Unit Price

Atomic Gameboy color purple, sealed inside the box, can go for $500 or more.

Loose Units Price

The price of the loose Gameboy color purple is about $57. Loose Unit means console without the box and manual. It is the average price of the units sold on Amazon and eBay. Usually, the loose units are used and have visible damage. You can sell the Gameboy color purple for around $30.

Complete Units Price

A complete unit of Atomic Gameboy color purple includes both manual and the box. It is not too used, instead, kept in good condition. Only sometimes will you find stickers on the back of the console. The price of a complete unit would be approx $127.

Box Price

If you have just the box, you can sell the box of the Gameboy color purple for around $30.

Gameboy Color Green

The bright lime green color is the favorite color of many Gameboy. You can find a lot of used Gameboy consoles on eBay and Amazon. A loose console unit was sold in December 2013 for $10.49, the lowest price and the most expensive Brand New unit of Gameboy color green was sold in August 2011 for $450.

New Unit Price

The current price of the Gameboy color green for the Brand New Console is $169. If you look at the price of 2011-2017, the new console unit reigned at $400.

Loose Unit Price

The used and loose unit price of the Gameboy color green is $57.

Complete Unit Price

The complete Unit, which includes the box and the manual, costs $140.

Box Only

You can sell the only box of the Gameboy console, for the box was $56 and the manual for $35.

Gameboy Color Grape

Gameboy color grape, dark purple, is also in high demand. The highest current price of a brand new console is $699. The lowest price of a loose unit of Gameboy console was sold at $27 in May 2019.

New Unit Price

The brand new Gameboy color grape is sold for its highest price at $699. For-profit, you can consider the complete Unit if you are willing to buy, which costs you $131 only.

Loose Unit Price

For a loose unit and in used condition, Gameboy color grape is sold at $52.

Complete Unit Price

The complete Unit, including the manual and box, would be available at a very reasonable price of $131.

Box Price

The price of the only box is $50, and the manual is about $32.

Gameboy Color Berry

The Gameboy color berry, the deep pink-colored console, is not in demand now as the other console colors have some price fluctuations over the years. The price of this console is lower than that of Atomic Purple.

For a Brand New Unit, the highest price in the last ten years was $600 in 2012, whereas the lowest price for a Loose Unit was $19.99 in 2014.

New Unit Price

The price of a Brand New Gameboy Color Berry is $168.05. It was $600 in August 2012, so it is probably a good time to purchase and not sell.

Loose Unit Price

The average price on which it is sold on eBay and Amazon is $50.39. Loose units include the consoles without boxes, gently used, or heavily used in working conditions.

Complete Unit Price

Gameboy Color berry is available at $77.04, lower than the Atomic Purple and a little pricey than the loose Unit.

Box Price

Currently, the only box is sold for $42.09.

Pokemon Special Edition Gameboy

This special edition of the Gameboy is the most expensive and in-demand console in the whole Gameboy edition. It is similar to the regular yellow Gameboy edition. However, the only difference is the theme, but the price difference is hundreds of dollars.

In 2015, the brand new Unit of pokemon special edition Gameboy was sold at $850. 

In 2013, the complete used console was sold for $799.

In October 2013, the loose Unit of the console was sold at the lower price of $39.

New Unit

The Brand New Unit for pokemon Special Edition is currently available at approx $799.99.

Loose Unit

The used one or the loose Unit is available on online websites at $89.45.

Complete Unit

The complete unit price of the special edition of the console is available at $500, in perfect condition. There are two sales at this price.

Graded Price

A graded Unit console is sealed, brand new, and graded by any reputed gaming authority. The price of this Unit is about $2,280.

The Takeaway

In this article, we have discussed: How much is a Gameboy worth in 2021? Before selling or buying the consoles, check out the current price as they vary with edition and color. Hope you like the information given in this article.