How Old Is Hawks MHA Now? Is He 23 years?

how old is hawks

How Old Is Hawks? You’re not the only one who has ever wondered how old is Hawks or what his age is. Throughout his early years, the teenage superhero received a hero fee from the Hero Commission. He has endured double-agent missions and has high-degree burns on his back. 

The current query is: how old are Hawks? Takami Keigo, also known as Hawks, is currently 23 years old. When Deku entered UA, Midoriya, aka Deku, the 22-year-old Midoriya who makes his comic debut in chapter 184, was 22. Given that the character’s birthdate is in December, he was most likely born around 1997.

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Hawks was raised on a hero’s fee.

Since Tomei was born, he had been separated from Hawks, but Hawks was not far behind. The query from his mother, “Are her wings real?” captured his attention. Hawks were fortunate to be nurtured by sports heroes. The woman was compensated with the Hero commission to deter Hawks from robbing her. He also developed into a hero by lending a hand to those around him.

Hawks wasn’t always a hero; he was just a little lad like any other. Although he had feelings for the criminal Endeavor, his early life taught him that he never intended to be All Might. This significantly altered his life. However, it also taught him to see.

He grew up in a broken home with an abusive father who kicked and slapped him. Having no other option, his mother was powerless to stop her husband from assaulting Keigo. Keigo grew up believing that superheroes were just a fantasy as a result. Keigo’s mother eventually sold him to the Hero Commission despite his abusive father. He was transformed into a tool and weapon by the Hero Commission.

Even when his father is put behind bars, Hawks continues to experience problems. He and his mother are compelled to live in poverty since they don’t know how to survive. His mother advises him to contact the police. No matter what, his mother orders him to get some cash.

 He uses his wings to fly into a fast-moving vehicle crash and save victims. He now comes under the scrutiny of the Hero Public Safety Commission. The organization then pays his mother to train him in infiltration and deception.

Because of his terrible past, fans now have a different perspective on the Hawks. His tale does more than merely appeal to My Hero Academia fans’ compassion. Hawks conclude Chapter 299 by stating that Endeavor was in peril. 

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Family Background

The chaotic conflict between heroes and villains in My Hero Academia Chapter 299, “Like Those Tragic Tales,” takes a breather from the commotion. Instead, it delves deeply into Hawks’ sad familial background. Number 2 Pro Hero’s original name was Keigo Takami. Hawks was raised by a mother who lacked desire and a criminal father.

 He had to develop self-confidence early on. There were no strong bonds between his parents or happy memories to keep them together because they considered him a burden.

The chapter describes Endeavor’s several appearances throughout Hawks’ sad early life. That frequently represents optimism for young Hawks. It is revealed in Chapter 299 that Hawks can now consider himself.

Even though Hawks didn’t have a mother, he did have one memory of her: she gave Hawks an Endeavor doll. The toy amused hawks and gave him a sense of connection to Endeavor as a source of hope after he learned that Endeavor was holding his abusive father.

Even though Hawks didn’t have a mother, he did have one memory of her: she gave Hawks an Endeavor doll. The toy amused hawks and gave him a sense of connection to Endeavor as a source of hope after he learned that Endeavor was holding his abusive father.

Hawks’ mother, who had lived in the home for a long time, struggled to adjust to outside life after Hawks’ father died abruptly. To prevent further issues, Hawks decided to discontinue using the name Takami. According to Best Jeans, this is when he completely loses contact with his mother. The only thing that made him accountable for her security was that security. When he discovers the letter, he feels relieved.

Endeavor’s impact on Hawks’ lives goes beyond serving as a role model for young heroes, as Chapter 299 demonstrates. The first presentation given to Hawks as children were Endeavor. His father, who removed all the negative from his life, served as his symbol of hope and savior. Endeavor emerged as his real savior and hero.

He works for both sides.

  1. A double agent is a covert intelligence agency member who works for his nation and his target organization. Such an agent’s job is to gather information about the organization he is spying for and gain access to classified material. Although it is a challenging and risky job, it also has rewards.
  2. A member of a spy agency that has been turned against its nation may also be a double agent, in which case the double agent may be a spy for his nation. Another illustration of a double agent is someone who has assumed the identity of a spy while secretly working for three separate nations. For instance, if Trump traveled to Russia, he could pose as a double agent and spy on the country’s citizens. If this is accurate, Trump is simply a CIA conspiracy, though.
  3. The triple agent is a typical Cold War double agent. He secretly defected to the Americans and provided the American administration with fake information. He is given the duty when he gets back to the United States.

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So, how old is hawks? He is A millennial, is he? 

Hawks would be a millennial if he were born in 1997, the same year as Midoriya, as opposed to the No. 1 Pro Hero. The information about Hawks is sparse because the anime is approximately 100 chapters behind the present timeline. Hawks would be deemed a member of Gen-X as opposed to Gen-Z compared to Midoriya. Does this imply, however, that Hawks is not a millennial?