Sustainable Fashion on Budget – Create Your Sustainable Wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion on Budget

The trend of sustainable fashion is indeed increasing at a rapid pace, and people are switching from fast fashion brands to sustainable brands. Nevertheless, sustainable clothing brands are profoundly expensive, and they will never be cheap, like fast fashion brands. It is easy to find basics such as tee shirts, or yoga pant, but getting sustainable luxury clothing on a budget is also not impossible.

It is quite difficult to get budget friendly sustainable clothing. All you need to do in order to create a sustainable wardrobe is a little bit of planning and follow a few tips for sustainable clothing on budget. Here is a list of few tips to get sustainable fashion on budget.

1. Get Second-Hand Products  

Buying second-hand products are promoting sustainable fashion. And there are various online and offline stores offering discounts on second-hand products of best ethical fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, and Amur. Additionally, big stores such as Selfridges are also selling second-hand products of ethical fashion brands. 

2. Shop Off-Season

Now you must be thinking of getting budget friendly sustainable fashion. Here is a tip, you know jumpers are cheap during Christmas, and bikinis are sold at lower prices in August. If you are planning to create a sustainable wardrobe, then it is better to buy these products off-season. Just make sure you purchase classical products rather than trendy as classical fashion never gets tired and it is best way to get sustainable fashion on budget. 

3. Give Priority to Quality and not Quantity 

What would you prefer, buying five shirts of $30 each or getting a shirt worth $80 that you can wear for many years? The same goes for handbags; it is better to get a handbag of $250 with lifetime guarantee rather than getting a cheap handbag worth $100 and throwing it after a year due to fraying straps. Overall, it is better to opt for expensive quality products instead of getting cheap products in quantity. 

4. Shop from Discount Sites

You must be thinking how to get budget friendly sustainable fashion? Here is good idea. It is better to sign up for discount sites in order to get sustainable clothing on budget. On such websites, you might find a discount on famous fashion brands like Frank and Oak, Everlane, and Eline Fisher. 

5. Follow Ethical Bloggers

We understand it is highly difficult to get budget friendly sustainable clothing. Nevertheless, it is a good choice to follow good ethical magazines and bloggers as they have a better idea about the best brands. Moreover, they also mention the prices of the products, which will give you an idea about the products at lower prices, and it is one of the best tips for sustainable clothing on a budget.