How Safe & Healthy are Electric Smokers?

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We all seem to become excited when the newest phone or a cool gadget is released. We might immediately rush to the store or look for reviews; however, the case is different for new technology used to cook food as we are mindful of what we put in our bodies.

Similarly, the electric smoker faces a debate about whether cooking in an electric smoker is a healthy option or not. Even though electric smokers have their good and bad side, there is a good reason why this cooking method is so popular.

Here, we will break down the pros and cons as well as the different functions of electric smokers, revealing the answer to this long-standing debate.

1. The Difference between Electric Smokers

To understand how electric smokers are different, we need first to see how it functions. Electric smokers use convection cooking; in other words, it allows the heat to circulate while cooking instead of having one direct source of heat.

The beauty of the best electric smokers used in the field is that you can control the temperature of the smoker while cooking your food to perfection.

Many people opt for electric cookers because it makes the cooking process a whole lot easier when you are just able to follow the exact instructions of a recipe by setting up the desired temperature instead of just eyeballing it.

2. Electric Smokers are User Friendly

You do not have to worry about mishaps or accidents due to inexperience with an electric smoker. Learning how to perfect the traditional process requires a learning curve with trial and error.

Electric smokers are just a matter of following a manual and a recipe in the comfort of your kitchen. Depending on the model, you can even remotely control the temperature with a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone!

3. Reducing Carcinogens in Food

One drawback of smoking food the traditional way is that the meat you are smoking could become carcinogenic. When you use coal to smoke food, the fat from the meat can drip to the coal, which then causes a flare-up. The flare-up from the coal causes the meat to become carcinogenic.

If you are not aware, exposure to carcinogens can lead to cancer. This does not mean that you will immediately become sick once you smoke food the traditional way, but changing to electric smokers will help you eliminate one of the many causes of poor health in the long run.

4. Reduced Smoke Leakage with Electric Smokers

Another great benefit of electric smokers is that it reduces smoke leakage. If you are someone struggling with respiratory issues and breathing problems and due to this you don’t opt for smoking food, this is a great way to adapt your cooking methods that do not affect your health.

Depending on the model, the fact that the smoke stays sealed in the smoker makes it a great tool to use indoors as well!

5. Smoke Food Faster with an Electric Smoker

The time it takes for the meat to smoke depends mostly on what type of meat is selected, its thickness, and the temperature you have set. However, as there is minimal airflow inside the smoker, the food cooks faster.

So, if you want to prepare a fancy dinner, you can cut down on all that wait time with an electric smoker!

6. Electric Smokers are as Healthy as the Food You Cook

You could use the highest-quality electric smoker in the market, but you will still be at risk of health issues if you do not have a balanced diet.

Consuming red meat regularly is bad for your health, and that will not change either it is smoked traditionally or with an electric smoker. So, while smoking food is a delightful treat, be sure to have meat in moderation. 

While electric smokers cannot change the nutritional value of your diet, it can help save nutrients in the cooking process. When you cook food, it loses its nutrients, especially if you over-cook it or expose it to high heat.

Since you can control the temperature in electric smokers, you can prevent it from losing its nutrients to some extent. So in a way, using an electric cooker can be a healthier option if you use it correctly.

7. Electric Smokers are as Safe & Healthy as You Treat it

Even though the electric smoker is an automated machine, there is quite a bit of manual work required for it. Yes, that is the dreaded prep and cleanup of the tool.

When you receive a brand new shirt, you will surely wash it before you wear it. Similarly, when you get a brand new electric smoker, you need to cure it before using it. This will help prevent manufacturing residue from contaminating the food you worked so hard to cook.

Moreover, after you use your electric smoker, make sure to clean it with hot water and soap. When you neglect cleaning, the residue can burn and crust every time you use it. This does not only make your smoker dirty, but it may also not perform well.

8. The Risk of Carcinogens in Electric Smokers

The risk of carcinogens cannot be eliminated with electric smokers if you use wood chips to give it that smoky flavor. The device can be as much of a  healthy choice as you want it to be, depending on how you use it. Moreover, dry marinades can also increase the risk of making food carcinogenic.

Final Thoughts

The key to safe and healthy food and cooking is moderation and care. As long as you are eating healthy, taking care of the electric smoker, and choosing healthy ways to cook your food, you can worry a little less about future health issues.

The short answer to the debate of whether the electric smoker is safe is yes, but it is not automated to make your food healthy.

With newfound insight on electric smokers, why not plan a fancy dinner tonight?