Timeless Classics: Understanding the Meaning Behind Popular Names


Finding the perfect name for your child can be extremely difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are a number of classic and timeless names which have strong meaning behind them that a person can consider. The importance of a name cannot be overstated and can even have impacts on a person’s career, so learn everything you need to know in order to make the best choice. 

The Importance of a Name

While a person’s choice of name may not seem like a decision that has major consequences in the long run, the choice actually matters quite a lot. In fact, studies have shown that a choice of name can impact whether a person is hired for a job, how a person is perceived by strangers, the level of intelligence a person is believed to have, and more. This is why taking the time to settle on the right name is so important.

5 Popular Names to Consider Choosing 

There are thousands upon thousands of potential names to choose from when thinking about what to name your child, but five popular names in particular have deep meanings, yet sound excellent. Consider each of the following names when making your choice: 

  1. Aaron

First and foremost, Aaron is a strong name to consider for your child and it is always in style. This name comes from a Hebrew origin and directly translates to “mountain of strength, exalted, strong”, making this a name associated with strength. In particular, Aaron is a name often associated with people who have endurance and a steadfast resolve in their life, even in the face of adversity. 

  1. Noah

There are two primary origins to the name Noah: the Hebrew and Old Testament. In Hebrew, this name stems from the word ‘Noach’ which means ‘rest’ or ‘response’. However, its biblical meaning stems from the servant of God who was known for finding favor with God amongst a sinful world. This has made the name both traditionally religious, but also one that is meant to represent a person with a strong resolve. 

  1. Alexander

Another strong name to consider choosing for your child is Alexander. This name is derived from a Greek origin that means ‘Man’s defender’ or ‘Warrior’. It originally comes from the name Alexandros along with the famous king Alexander the Great. As such, this is a name that is given to those who are viewed as having a strong character. 

  1. Elizabeth

The name Elizabeth is a strong name to consider for any child. This name is originally derived from England and was popularized by the Great Queen Elizabeth, though it later became popular against due to the modern Queen Elizabeth and her influence on the country. Beyond these popular figures making the name popular, it simply grew as an excellent name due to generations of use. 

  1. Sophia

Finally, the name Sophia is an excellent choice to consider for any child given the inherent beauty of the name. Stemming from the Greek word that means ‘Wisdom’, this is a name that has long been given to children with high intelligence. 

Beneficial Tips for Choosing a Name

Deciding upon which name is best for your child will still be extremely difficult even with the above suggestions in mind. That’s why learning a few beneficial tips for narrowing down the choice of name is so important. In particular, utilize some of the following pieces of advice and remember that even a name as simple as Mark Moore can have strong meaning:

  • Avoid naming your child based off a trend that is likely to pass quickly
  • Think about how nicknames will sound if the name is shortened
  • Consider what the initials will look like with the middle and last name
  • Look up if there are any hidden meanings behind the names you are considering
  • Try to honor your culture by looking at your family tree for ideas
  • Acknowledge the fact that just because a name is unique, doesn’t mean it is bad

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the right name for a person will not look the same for everyone. This is what makes a name entirely unique, however, to the person. Use all of the above to narrow down what exactly a perfect name looks like for you. At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a bad name, so simply toss ideas around with your friends and family to find the best option.