How To Adopt A Wicca Culture? – Basics Of Witchcraft


Wondering how to become a witch and don’t know the basics of Witchcraft? Don’t worry! Wicca culture is a whole new world, and if you are a beginner, read this article to know what Witchcraft is all about?

Witchcraft and covens have played the role of solace and solidarity. The practitioners of Witchcraft are popping by practicing witch spells with great faith and devotion.

Here we have listed a guide of how to be a witch; following this can get you the basics of Witchcraft.

You cannot simply become a witch by carrying a black cat, wearing blueberries, or buying crystals. You must follow a guide to becoming a witch. In this article, we have listed all the significant points necessary for Witchcraft for beginners.

Let’s first know about what Witchcraft is all about?

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is the practice of magical spells, abilities, and skills. It is a broad term that defines a Wicca culture. Witchcraft is a term that elaborates on how humans involve magic. Witches appear with remarkable consistency that posits the existence of magic.

Get the Knowledge of Risks

Practicing Witchcraft isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of devotion and faith. If you know Wicca’s culture, it will be fascinating at first but comes with a price. 

Every offer has a price that can sometimes mean a death! 

If you are a beginner, you have to consider the risks of practicing Witchcraft. Keep protective measures, such as carrying an evil eye. If you are new to Witchcraft’s world, make sure not to shout about your newfound identity.

Choose Your Path

There are many witchcrafts, which means there is no shortage of choices for becoming a witch. 

Here we have listed some of the popular Witchcraft types that you can choose to decide your future offerings and learning. It includes


Paganism is a broad religious term other than Judaism, Islam, and the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity that typically focus on nature and earth. Its modern-day practitioners are known as neo-pagans.


The father Gardnerian Wicca has discovered the ideologies in the mid-1900s to build religion called Wicca. 

It is typically believed that only women are Wiccans, but that’s not the truth, many Wiccans are men and, hence, involve both god and a goddess. 


 It is considered to be the highest level of Witchcraft that executes ceremonies and rituals. They work for other’s happiness, worshipping god, and executing spells for ceremonial activities. 


Solidarity is the group made by those who choose not to find a coven, but instead, start their type of Witchcraft. 


It is a social group joined by those who want to stick together to try different witchcraft traditions as they practice. They tend to make spells by mixing traditional practices. 

Witchcraft Terminology

Before a deep dive, get some knowledge of popular witchcraft terminologies. As a beginner, it is essential to know witchcraft dictions before practicing spells. Here we have listed some of the basic terms. It includes-


Initiation is the ritual or a ceremony that places a budding witch on higher officials after practicing the witchcraft study for a year or more. The Initiations allow the witch to get an opportunity to become a high priestess or a high priest.

A person with enough experience, knowledge, and dedication can acquire a Wiccan coven’s higher authority.


A coven is a community of initiated witches. If a coven is of Wicca culture, then meetings will include sabbats. It is a popular seasonal festival called the Wheel of the Year. The coven is usually led by a high priestess or a high priest. 


Familiar is the term for the animal-shaped spirit. It offers as a witch’s companion, spy, assistant, and protector.


Grimoire is the broad term for a magic text, which varies from textbooks to diaries. 


The altar is the specific place where Wiccan solely practices activities such as chanting, casting spells, and praying to god or goddess. The altar is always covered in a cloth with a symbol. It protects that place from liquids, ash, and candle wax. Make sure to avoid ritual items such as wands, incense, cauldrons, and chalices of water. 


Séance is the ritual followed by Wiccans to call spirits, involves the dead.


Pentacle is a magical tool which usually appears on an altar. Pentacle is often bluffed with a pentagram, which is a famous symbol for Wiccans. 

Black Magic

Black magic is a practice of Satanism, which deals with harmful intentions, evil and dark objects. It involves negative spells specifically used for destructive purposes such as curses and hexes. 

Book of Shadows

The Book of shadows is considered to be the Wiccan’s personal grimoire.

It is beneficial to store information such as recipes, thoughts, and guides for rituals, spells, and hexes.  

Final Words

Witchcraft is not that easy task as you think; casting a spell doesn’t make you a witch!

Witchcraft involves a dedicated practice towards Wicca rituals and traditions. You must have faith in the guidance of Witchcraft for beginners. In this article, you will get to know how to be a witch and risks involved in this field.

Before exploring your witch spells book, it’s ideal to do complete research. Every field has its pros and cons. You should be aware of the positive and negative side of Witchcraft. Before choosing your path, make sure that you have gone through their culture and traditions. Take responsibility for everything because from now on, you will be serving and worshiping a particular religion’s guide. Enjoy, and caste spells to serve for people’s happiness! 

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