Matching Your Glasses Frames to Your Tattoos: From Harry Potter Glasses to OTT Cats Eyes


Glasses have moved on profoundly from the days when they were purely associated with nerdishness! Now, specs are the ultimate fashion accessory, and frame trends quickly make their way from the catwalk to the celeb world to the high street.

Tattoos and glasses are enjoying a crossover period right now, with many contemporary frame fashions almost made to look awesome on those with ink on their face or upper torso. Thinking about getting some new frames and want to make sure they work with your tattoos? We’ve got your back: use the guide below to find the perfect eyewear match for your tats.

Harry Potter-inspired Tattoos

Before diving into a look at the best style of frames to match your tattoos, let’s have a look at an unexpected intersection: Harry Potter glasses and tattoos!

In the wake of the release of the bestselling books and blockbuster movies, millions worldwide now sport Harry Potter-inspired tattoos. While there’s a nearly endless range of styles, a popular tattoo choice is simple, featuring a minimalist rendering of the well-known young wizard’s specs with a small lightning bolt above them to represent Potter’s famous scar.

Some of these tattoos also feature a word or two, or a short phrase, below the Harry Potter glasses to add a personal touch.

Choosing Frames to Suit Your Tattoos

If you’ve got some ink on your face, neck, or torso, you may be keen to ensure that your glasses suit your body art. 

Harry Potter-Style Round Glasses

Never out of fashion since the movies of the same name put these types of frames in the spotlight, round Harry Potter-style glasses are a great choice for those with tattoos. Their simple yet striking style and black frames mean they won’t clash with your ink, and they can add an individual edge to your overall look.

Celebs, including Lady Gaga and  Johnny Depp, have been spotted rocking this look – so consider that a signed and sealed endorsement from Hollywood.

Clear Glasses

One of the hottest fashion trends of the year, transparent frames are literally everywhere right now. And even better news for those with tattoos: they are a fabulous companion to every kind of inking imaginable! The sides of the frames and armbars typically take on a hint of the color of the wearer’s top: so if you have colorful tats on your face or upper body, your specs will reflect a subtle blush of their shades.

The glitterati loves the clear glasses and tats combo, too: Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner are both major fans.

Cats Eye Glasses

Another key trend of last year which is showing no sign of waning, is the retro 1950s look with a contemporary twist. Think 1950s-style frocks with chunky platform boots, or slim-cut fitted pants with red-checked blouses worn with plenty of bling. Oversized cats eye glasses not only play directly into this trend but look amazing on those with ink, which add an edge to this vintage look.

Interested in which of your favorite celebs make this style their own? Rhianna, Lily Allen, and Gwen Stefani are a few examples.

Aviator Glasses

Another style of specs that never goes out of fashion is iconic aviators. These frames can look great on those with neck tattoos and are subtle enough not to overwhelm even the most complex of ink patterns.

Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie are just a couple of celebs who favor this aesthetic.

Matching Your Frame Color with Your Ink

It’s not just the style of frames to think about to ensure you get the look you want – the color of the frames you choose can have a major impact on the overall result. If you have colorful inkings, then you have three choices: you can opt for the same shade of frames or a similar shade, or use a color wheel to find the color’s opposite tone to make both your tats and frames pop!

As an example, let’s say you have a beautiful and vibrant tattoo on your neck that’s mainly in a light blue shade. You can go for light blue or lavender shades to match your tat, or alternatively, opt for light orange frames for a standout look.

If your tats incorporate lots of different colors, then you may wish to stick to black, silver, or gold-framed glasses. And clear frames, of course, work well with everything!

What about Tattoos ON the Eyes?

It’s true. You really can get tattoos on your actual eyes-  on the whites of the eyes, to be precise. They’ve even got a name: scleral tattoos and the first known scleral tattoo was performed in 2007.

However, eye health practitioners strongly advise against these types of tattoos, as they come with significant risks, the most serious being vision loss and blindness. 

Tattoos and Glasses: A Match Made in Heaven

Take some time to think about your personal aesthetic, and use the above guide to help you pick the perfect glasses. If you sport some ink on your upper body, then the right pair of specs can help ensure they’re shown off to perfection!