Don’t Know How To Call Back a Private Number: Check Out These Ways


How to call back a private number – A private number is an unlisted number (in contrast, a public number is a listed telephone line) that is not available to the general public. Private numbers are usually kept hidden from a database search, so they cannot be found by someone other than the person who has that number in their phone’s contact list.

There are many different ways how to call back a private number, some of them at home and some of them outside. Some of the most common ways are dialing *57 before dialing out on a hardline, *69 before dialing out on cellphones, or calling 411 and asking for the specific company to ask for assistance in getting the private number unmasked

You might want to call a private number to find out who called you without revealing that information to the caller, but sometimes people don’t know how to call back a private number. You might even want to answer such calls as a social experiment or as a way of “proving” that your phone is private. Let’s discuss different ways to call back a private number in detail. 

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Using *69 for Free

If someone calls you on a private line and you want to find out who it is, all you need to do is dial *69 before dialing the number back. This way, the person on the other end will still not know you called them. But, of course, if they reverse this process by calling you back on your home or cellphone line (both of which are not considered personal lines), they will also be able to see your incoming number.

You can call back a private number using *69 for free on most mobile networks and for a small landline fee. 

Dial *69

  • Dial the phone number of your target private number (Press #1 for Private Number)
  • If you’re on a landline, you can’t hear it ring. 
  • Listen carefully to its voice and note down the time when it answers — this is your timestamp.

Wait for a few seconds, then hang up and immediately dial the phone number (press #2) again; this way, you can acknowledge how to call back a private number. Although you’ll hear the exact tone you heard at step one, you’ll now have five minutes before your private number will be deactivated by your service provider.

2. Verifying Phone Provider’s Logs

If you’d instead not go through the process of using *69 to call back a private number and you haven’t been able to do so by dialing 411, try this method. All major telephone companies have a log that records all incoming calls. These logs are kept for 90 days (sometimes longer), after which they are deleted. However, depending on your carrier policy, your information may still be available in older logs before it has been deleted.

To ask for information about the incoming calls on your phone number (whether or not it was private), call 411 or the mentioned customer care number for your network service provider and ask for the customer service department. They will ask you to verify the phone number they are calling you from, so in most cases, your privacy is protected as you’ll have to state that. If they ask, tell them it’s a private number, and you do not wish to tell them what it is.

Make sure you record the conversation and get their details on paper. You’ll be able to see who called (which service provider they used), when and for how long, if it was recorded (they may not have recorded your call, but in that case, don’t worry), and other information such as their area code.

3. Using Third-Party Apps to Reveal Private Number Calls

Third-party applications to reveal private number calls, such as and Call Blocker, use software and mechanism different from the traditional methods, but they are not omnipresent. If a private number caller calls your phone, they will leave no record of the call. uses an automated service that deactivates private numbers after an initial 90 days (it has no control over how long it takes before your phone is deactivated) or when you ask for it yourself for them to be deactivated permanently. In addition, it keeps track of who calls you and how often (if any).

4. Setting Up Call Tracing to Unlock Private Number Calls

If you want to ensure that no one ever gets a hold of your number, finding the numbers of private callers and tracing them back to their number is the best option. It’s exciting to do if you’re a technophile and into troubleshooting. While there are many ways to help you acknowledge how to call back a private number, there are only two main methods when it comes to tracing calls. Call tracing is a primary method to unveil the identity of the private caller, whereas a Call Trace Record is used for call tracing on landline phones only.

Call Trace Record is a service that blocks or releases incoming calls and shows incoming calls’ details (source, duration, etc.). For example, if it comes from a particular number and the source number is different from your caller ID, you will have to trace the call back to its source.

5. Searching Through Reverse Number Lookup

Reverse number lookup is used to find the phone number associated with a given name. A reverse lookup is an indispensable tool that allows you to figure out the identity of someone or some entity by searching through their listings in several directories, such as White Pages and Yellow Pages.

You can find private phone numbers using reverse phone lookups in the following ways:

6. Using a “Public Directory.”

If you don’t want to divulge your number over the phone or simply want to see if someone has called your number, then perhaps you can use a public directory to check it. A public directory is any directory of people, businesses, or residential information that every person can go through and view on the Internet.

7. Using Other Online Resources

Specific phone directories and online databases can also acknowledge how to call back a no caller id. For example, you can use a reverse phone lookup service such as Intelius or Spokeo or look through a list of cell phone numbers with area codes that begin with 210.

8. Searching through WhitePages

If you’re using a computer, search for the name of the person who has called your number and look through their listing in WhitePages, one of the best directories to do reverse number lookup. You’ll have access to their address, email ID, social media profiles, etc., depending on how much information they’ve made public (if any).

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to check a private number that called you?

Follow these simple steps to get a private caller’s phone number.

  • Dial *57 to trace a call

Press the five key (a star key) to check the previous calls, and press the six for future calls. 

Enter the telephone number from where you received the call. Hold down one second on numeric keys. Release it and hold down two seconds on the phone key 7 (send).

The telephone company’s equipment will detect that a call has been made from your line, but there’s no one at the other end of the line to connect your call – hence, the connection is not made; it will record a short message in its memory about this event and show it when you dial 711 or *57. 

If the number has been blocked, you’ll see on your phone that the caller is from “Private Number,” “Inactive,” “Not Reachable,” or other similar messages; if not, it shows the name of the caller.

  • Logging In Phone Number

Call recording or logging in phone numbers allows you to record all the numbers that call you and log them for future use. You can also set up a call recording system to capture your calls and save them in a playback file that you can later check.

How can you trace a private number in Australia?

There are numerous ways to trace a private number in Australia. We have listed a few of the most popular and frequently used tools that can be used to trace a private number in Australia on your own time and at your convenience.

1. Using Mr. Number to Trace Private Number Calls

Mr. Number is an online service that allows you to search for phone numbers and obtain information about the caller that calls you, such as an address, social security number, etc. The service is free of charge and certainly one of the most effective ways to trace a private number call in Australia easily and without any difficulties.

2. Private Number Service

These services will help you to trace a private number in Australia. The most popular ones are Poly-Phone and Private Number Lookup. They offer a complete “free” trace of your private number blocked call and will give you the caller’s name and the location address of the number.

3. Call Trace Record

Call Trace Record is another option to trace a private number call in Australia, provided by phone companies such as Telstra or Optus. Your phone provider may ask you to pay for it, but it’s worth it because it tells you every detail about who called you, where they’re calling from, what time they called, how long the call lasted, etc.

How to unblock a private number?

You can unblock a private number in the following ways:

1. Answering the Call and Unblocking it Automatically

When you receive a call from an unknown number (a private number), you should answer the call, but if you’re not interested in talking to that person, you can press the 5 (star) button on your phone keypad. It automatically unblocks the number, allowing future calls to come through without restrictions. If this is not possible, then hang up and dial *82 before making another call.

2. Using Cell Phone Software

Many cell phone software can be downloaded online for free and allows you to block or unblock private numbers. 3. Using a 1-800 Number

Sometimes, you’ll need another number to unblock your private number. This is possible with search engines such as Google or Bing by searching for 1-800 numbers that are free and accessible worldwide.

How do you backtrack phone numbers?

Most people look for a way to backtrace phone numbers without wasting time. And to find the answer, you can do a reverse phone lookup, which is the fastest way to trace back a private number. For example, the following is one of the most efficient ways to backtrace a number.

1. Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup, or reverse phone search as it is called, is an online tool that allows you to search through various directories, including white pages and yellow pages, from your computer by entering details about a specific telephone number. By doing this, you can get in touch with someone who has previously called you and ask them about their details, such as their name and address (if they’ve made it available).

2. Back Tracing a Number through the Telephone Company

If you’d rather talk to someone on the phone or you’d like to try it with a human being instead of an online service, then you should call your local phone company. Ask them whether they can backtrace a particular number for you; in most cases, that will be possible.

Most companies that offer telephone services will have information about the person who has called you if they’ve given their consent for that information to be shared with other people, along with their address, email ID, etc. Of course, this is not always the case, but there’s always a possibility that you’ll learn something about the caller using this method.

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