Imparting your wisdom: fashion choices to pass onto your children


Raising children doesn’t mean you need to become frumpy and boring. While there may be some changes made to your fashion choices, you may still want to have your own identity outside of being a mother. That being said, some of your fashion choices could also be great tips to pass down to the next generation. You might want to consider some of the most important things you learned about fashion and styling, so that you can teach your children to follow suit.

Put your eyecare needs first

While wearing glasses can be fashionable, you may want to consider your eye health when doing so. Choosing to wear stylish prescription sunglasses, rather than a standard pair that doesn’t allow you to see clearly, can always be a better idea. If you have to wear glasses or contact lenses in your daily life, you may want to refrain from speaking negatively about them. Children can pick up on things like that, and also learn to dislike them. This means that, if your child has eye care needs in the future, they may be hesitant to wear them, putting more strain on their eyes. Opting for gorgeous frames for yourself and your children can also be a great way to make you want to put them on, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Dress for yourself

There may be times when you need to wear specific outfits, such as for work. Likewise, your children may have uniform codes at school. Outside of this, you may all have the freedom to wear what you like, within reason. While there used to be talk of dressing for your body type, this thought process can be rather problematic. It may make your child feel insecure about certain aspects of themselves. Instead, it could be a good idea to teach them to dress for themselves, picking out patterns and types of clothing that they genuinely love. This could help them to become more confident adults with a stronger sense of identity.

Opt for comfortable footwear

Some people might enjoy wearing high heels. However, many people might dread putting them on. Rather than suffering through the pain, you may want to teach your children to choose comfort. In addition to allowing them to not have to deal with soreness in the ankles, toes, or on the balls of their feet, they could also save themselves from a number of medical conditions. Wearing high heels may be linked to sciatica, bunions, or issues with a person’s Achilles tendon. You may instead want to encourage them towards low-heeled shoes, or even those that are flat, if you so wish.

Passing down fashion knowledge doesn’t mean trying to get your children to conform to your chosen style. Instead, it can be about promoting good health and a sense of self through the things they choose to wear. You may find that this enables your children to grow into their own people, and can make for some fun shopping trips together in the future.