HOW TO CHANGE YOUR ROBLOX GROUP NAME – Users can play games made through other users and develop them globally, known as Roblox. Making a novice or modifying your avatar in Roblox is simple, but changing the group name might be challenging. If you’ve attempted to modify a tagline on Roblox, you’ve probably observed that if you aren’t the group owner, there isn’t any way to do it. To understand “how to change your Roblox group name”, read this tutorial.

Aspects to Ponder Before Changing a Group’s Name!

Before altering your tagline on Roblox, you should read the following: 

  • Tips to Keep in Mind Before Changing a Group’s Name
  • Especially after 90 days, is indeed the group’s alteration conceivable? 
  • Each member will be given notification of the change in the group name. 
  • A group’s name cannot be changed for 90 days after a change in ownership.

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How Can a Roblox Group Name Be Changed? 

Only group owners on Roblox can change the name of their group. But if you’re a group member on Roblox, you cannot change the name. To change your Roblox group name, follow the instructions below.

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Changing the Group Name 

You may easily modify the group name if you possess 100 Robux in the profile and are the group owner. To learn how to change your Roblox group name, run the command:

Step 1: launch Roblox and sign in to your account. 

Step 2: Access the Groups menu on the left side of the screen, and click the Configure Group Page button.

Step 3: Find the edit option (pencil symbol) close to the group name. 

Step 4: Enter and validate a new group name. 

Step 5: Add up to 100 Robux to continue altering the group name; examine the terms and conditions page before confirming. 

Step 6: A pop-up stating “You have managed to change your group name” would display.

Qualifications for renaming a group!

Several conditions must be met whenever a player wants to modify a group’s name on that platform. The following is a list of important considerations: 

  • The creator must spend 100 Robux using their Roblox account to change the group’s name. 
  • The group admin must possess a valid email address linked to their Roblox account.
  • The ownership of the group has not changed in the previous ninety days. 
  • The group’s name hasn’t changed over the last ninety days. 
  • The selected name doesn’t already belong to any organizations. 

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “how to change your Roblox group name”.


Q1) how much does it cost to change a Roblox group name?

Ans- There is a 100 Robux charge for changing the group name. Only after 90 days seems to be the group’s alteration conceivable.

Q2) why isn’t a roblox group name change working?

Ans- If somehow the group’s new name is approved, the 90-day ban is lifted.

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