How To Choose Gutter Color For The House?


Most homeowners want their house to look best and search for different colour options to improve their curb appeal.

Some popular ideas include painting the front door of a house, roof repairing, and landscaping. However, changing the colour of the gutters can add to the visual interest of your home.

What is the best colour for gutters?

Off-White or any other light-colored gutters are standard choices for homes. This happens because the trim is often in a lighter shade to match the house’s exterior paint. 

Should gutters match house colour or roof?

Design experts always recommend matching the gutter colour to trim or the roof.


Should fascia be the same colour as gutter?

It is best to choose a similar colour as the trim and windows. If the roof has a slight pitch and is not visible, then matching the roof with gutters will help extend the roofline.

Is black fascia more expensive than white?

Black is a traditional colour however is far more expensive than white. Grey is a modern choice for fascias and is now slowly introduced to the UPVC suppliers.  

Should I paint my downspouts black?

Dark colour gutters look better in the long run than the white ones; however, these are far more pronounced.

Are brown gutters more expensive?

Sometimes brown gutters can be a little more expensive than white ones. However, the difference is marginal.

How much do black gutters cost?

Black Gutters range from $10 to $100.

What colour should my gutters and downspouts be?

These are usually off-white or white in colour because of the basic factory-finish choice people crave. 

Should gutters match the trim?

Gutters run in front of the siding, meaning they can easily go unnoticed if painted in a similar colour.

You can match your gutters with trim if you have stone or brick siding. Finding a gutter colour that matches the house exactly is impossible.

Should you paint your gutters?

If your gutters do not have a problem drawing the rainwater away from the house roof, you do not need to change them. You can instead repaint them to save money. Like the material, the colour of your gutter is important too, and also proper installation. 

How do I choose gutters?

Choosing the right colour and style is highly essential. Most homeowners choose from K-style gutters because of how the crown moulding looks and gives your house a finished look. For the colour, you can either choose something that coordinates with your trim, siding, or fascia or even matches your house roof.

What colour should fascia be?

A grey colour fascia is gaining high popularity these days; however, sometimes a lighter grey colour like silvery-grey or agate grey can offer a much more sophisticated look. Using contrasting shades of blue or grey with white also looks great.

Can you get black fascias?

 Yes, now you can also get uPVC black Fascia Boards in different sizes to replace the older Timber Fascias.

Does black fascia fade?

Yes, over time, fascias and UPVC soffits can discolour and fade.

Can I spray paint my gutters?

By carefully masking in order to protect fascia trim, you can use spray paint if you are comfortable with the extension ladder. Like any painting work, it is essential to prepare the surface and use the right paint to maintain durability. 

Are brown gutters more than white?

The cost of brown gutters is generally more than white aluminium ones because they have a factory finish. However, it is not always true, and prices keep shifting based on the material. 

Are white gutters cheaper?

If you are on a fixed budget, you can use off-white or white aluminium as a cheap gutter option. You can get a gutter guard system installed if you have a good budget.

What is fascia on the house?

Fascia is an attractive board along the sides of the roof and overhangs to give a finished appearance to the roof. Your gutter will sit on top of the fascia board.

The fascia is also known as “transition trim” between the roofline and home. It supports shingles and keeps moisture out.

How long does paint last on gutters?

Aluminum gutters can hold up the paint for many years if you do the job correctly. Proper painting process requires a lot of time for proper preparation of the surface. If you rush through any of the preparation steps, the paint will peel in a year or two, demanding to be redone again.

Can I paint the gutters on my house?

Yes, you can easily paint the house gutters. As long as you know the entire painting process, you can make the house gutters look slick and avoid any associated cost of hiring a professional painter. Instead of letting the gutters sit like an old stick, take out some time and paint them to make your house look nice.