How to Choose the Perfect Lace Wig for You?


With an increasing number of wig types available in the market, it can be challenging for women to select a wig that both appeals to them and complements their features. This decision requires careful consideration from multiple perspectives.

1. Select the Texture of the Hair

Various hair textures are available, including straight, body wave, curly, deep wave, deep loose wave, water wave, and more. Among them, straight and body wave hair textures are relatively low-maintenance. On the other hand, other hair textures require more attention and care. Women who were not confident in managing their hair may find it more convenient to choose a wig with a straight or body wave texture.

2. How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Wig?

One of the advantages of wearing a wig is the freedom to experiment with different hair colors without damaging natural hair through chemical treatments. Therefore, women can select a hair color they prefer. The most popular wig available in the market is the natural black human hair wig as it closely resembles our natural hair. Women can wear these wigs at various places such as work, campus, or parties, as they provide a natural look.

3. Selecting the Right Lace for Your Wig

Lace plays a crucial role in making lace wig’s human hair look more natural. Different types of lace can make a significant difference in the overall appearance. Typically, the selection of lace depends on factors such as the size and color of the lace.

A.Selecting the Appropriate Lace Size for Your Wig

There are two primary lace size categories: lace closure and lace frontal. Lace closure wigs come in three sizes: 5*5 lace closure wigs, 6*6 lace closure wigs, 7*7 lace closure wigs, 13*4 lace closure wigs, and 13*6 lace closure wigs. The number represents the length of the lace, with a larger number indicating a larger lace size. On the other hand, lace frontal wigs offer more parting space in the front as compared to lace closure wigs. Lace frontal wigs include 13*4 lace front wigs, 13*6 lace front wigs, 360 lace front wigs, and full lace wigs. The lace size of lace frontal wigs is larger than that of lace closure wigs. Larger lace sizes provide women with more space to part their hair, thereby increasing the price of the wig.

B.Selecting the Appropriate Lace Color and Texture for Your Wig

Choosing the right lace color and texture is an essential aspect of purchasing a wig as the lace’s purpose is to make wigs more breathable, natural, and comfortable. Swiss lace is the most commonly used lace in the market, and it comes in three main colors: regular brown, skinlike real HD Lace, and transparent. Medium brown lace is ideal for women with darker skin tones, light brown lace is suitable for women with less than dark skin, and transparent lace is perfect for women with lighter skin tones.

Apart from the three types of lace mentioned above, there is another type of lace known as HD lace. HD lace is delicate, thin, and transparent compared to other types of lace. It blends with any skin color, making it suitable for women of any skin color to try HD lace wigs confidently. However, due to its high transparency and light texture, it is more expensive than other laces, and it requires more care, which means it may have a shorter lifespan than regular Swiss lace.

4. Choosing the Right Hair Length and Density for Your Wig

When it comes to choosing a lace wig, one important consideration is the hair length. Wigs can be found in lengths ranging from 8 to 40 inches, with longer hair typically being more expensive and requiring more maintenance. It’s important to choose a length that suits your personal preferences.

Hair density is another important factor to consider, referring to the thickness of the wig. Typically, there are four density options available: 150%, 180%, 200%, and 250%. The higher the density, the thicker and more expensive the wig will be. It’s worth noting that longer wigs will appear thinner, so for those who prefer longer hair, a higher-density wig is recommended.

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