All The Information About Fortnite Ascender


Fortnite ascender– Chapter 3 of Season 2 introduced Ascenders, a brand-new Fortnite tool.Ascenders are a component incorporated into the guide that permits Fortnite players to arrive at the strategic position without building.Let’s discuss what a Fortnite Ascender is, how to use one, and where to find one.

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A Fortnight Ascender is similar to a vertical zipline.Similar to Fortnite’s ziplines, ascenders allow you to reach difficult-to-reach locations.On the map, ascenders are fixed points that you can’t move or use on your own.


An ascender can transport you to an elevated location from the ground.You can slide down an Ascender to accelerate your descent from elevated ground.

Fortnite locations are very useful in events like the Fortnite Zero Build Trials and No-Build Battle Royale.If there are no structures, it is much harder to get to specific parts of the island or descend from a high vantage point.

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An Ascender is extremely user-friendly.Simply approach the Ascender and interact with him or her.You will glide down an Ascender if you are already at the top.

Screengrab courtesy of Bodil40 via YouTube QUEST In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, there are brand-new missions that go along with weekly challenges. If you complete these missions, you will receive bonus XP that will assist you in quickly leveling up.

One of the Week 3 Resistance Quests at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern requires you to ride an Ascender.