ANNA SITAR EX-BOYFRIEND – Anna Sitar is old enough just to cast her ballot in 2022 at 24. Her parents reared her in an upper-middle-class home in Marshall, Michigan, where she was raised and born. She identifies as an American Christian in terms of nationality. She was a teen who attended Marshall High School in the US. You will read this post about “anna sitar ex boyfriend”. 

She then continued to Michigan University to major in mechanical engineering. She deservedly earned a master’s degree in cinema and tv production from Loyola Marymount University. She has had a deep desire to work in the entertainment industry as an actor & model ever since she was a young girl.

Relationships, Family, and Boyfriend!

Mr. Sitar, a businessman, is Anna Sitar’s dad. Mrs. Sitar, a homemaker by occupation, is Anna Sitar’s mom. Her two siblings are. The names of her youngest sister and brother remain unknown. 

Marital status: Anna Sitar is single. Josh Brubaker, a broadcasting radio host, and content creator for TikTok, is her boyfriend. 

Brandon Hawkins is the name ‘anna sitar ex boyfriend.’

Physical Qualities!

Anna Sitar is a young, stunningly pretty girl with a charming and alluring attitude. She has an appealing type of body with a thin, wonderfully proportioned figure that is scorching, sizzling, and curvy. Her estimated body measurements are 34-26-34 inches.

On Tik Tok, who is Anna Sitar’s ex-boyfriend? Details of Her Ex-Flirtation.

A TikTok celebrity named Anna Celebrity started dating Brandon Hawkins for several years before splitting up a few months ago. Anna had a large following; therefore, Brandon and Anna were well-liked. They met in high school, and that’s where their friendship began. At the time, Anna and Brandon were both in their senior year of high school. They have been dating ever since. 

Additionally, because Anna published such high-quality information, more and more people came to know about the connection of Anna sitar ex-boyfriend over time. While we do not even know the precise date of their breakup, her videos seem to indicate that they weren’t longer dating as of six months ago.

Who Was Anna Star’s, Ex-Flirting With? 

The relationship between prominent TikTok stars Anna Star and Brandon Hawkins recently ended. Brandon and Anna are the best couples due to Anna’s large fan following. They first met each other when they were teens. 

Anna was in her sophomore year, and Brandon was in his senior year of high school. Since then, the two of them have become a couple. Additionally, as time passed, even more people understood Anna’s relationship with her boyfriend because of the high-quality information she shared. We can determine whenever they broke up thanks to comments left on the videos as far back as about six months ago.

Interviews with Anna Sitar, archived!

Brandon Hawkins, her high-school sweetheart, has been a familiar figure for all those who have watched Anna’s TikTok profession ever since the beginning. As per the research, studies led to divorce and times apart for spouses. After Brandon traveled to Florida for employment, Anna remained behind in Los Angeles to get her master’s. 

The couple’s relationship became widely publicized on media platforms under the hashtag #Branna. 

Fans anxiously anticipate Anna’s upcoming video with Bru, of which she has previously published some romantic clips. There is no doubt about it: Support for the idea has already been received from fans.

Undoubtedly, Anna Star has finally announced their breakup. 

Consequently, they have been apart for a considerable amount of time—nearly six months. There appears to be bad blood between the two of them together in the video, according to several observers. 

Brandon “looked to be alienated” from Anna, as one person put it. Because Anna and Alex just declared their separation, it’s unclear what precipitated their breakup. It doesn’t seem like they had a big disagreement; they just split ways.

What is Anna Sitar’s estimated net worth? 

Per Project Topics, Anna Sitar has an estimated worth of more than $200,000. Her excellent vlogs and range of humorous or serious posts have made her a social media spectacle. 

A person with such ability and fame is expected to have a net value of at least $200,000 in this day and age.

Anna Sitat’s Biography: Her Life and Times 

Initially, Anna Sitar started to post brief dancing videos of herself singing along to well-known tracks on the TikTok(official account) profile, which then, in turn, assisted her in amassing a sizable following here on social media. She quickly became well-known, with sizable followings across all her social media accounts.

Value of a Person’s Assets:-

In addition to her social media presence and business collaborations, Anna Sitar is a model and actress with a projected net worth of $1.5 million in 2022. 

A Stream of Information:-

Her Instagram profile has more than 1.3 million followers, whereas her TikTak account, anna sitar, has more than 11.4 million. She’s reportedly in discussions regarding her acting début with a couple of Television and feature producers.


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Q1) Are Anna and Brandon still together?

Ans- Popular TikTok stars Anna Star and Brandon Hawkins recently ended their relationship.

Q2) What does Anna sitar do for a living?

Ans- Anna Sitar seems to be an American model, YouTuber, TikTok star, content producer, businesswoman, and social media star who is widely known for her dancing, song, lip sync, and transitioning videos on TikTok.

Q3) How long were Anna and Brandon together?

Ans- Since Anna and Brandon have already been dating for 7 years and have been living together for four, adjusting to a marital relationship in Brooklyn has not been too difficult for them. Still, both claim that they have an even stronger feeling of connection to each other.