How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space


Over the last year or so, many of us have become used to working from home. But have we got the best possible home office setup? Many of us are still guilty of cramming our laptop and assorted work paraphernalia over the kitchen table to then move and adapt every time someone else in the family wants to eat or do something. I’m sure we can all agree this is a far from ideal situation. So, here we present this guide on how to create the perfect home office space.

Choose the Room or Area

We first need to decide where we are basing our home office space. If we are lucky enough to have a spare room that is really going unused, it is most likely a no-brainer to use this area. However, not many of us are this lucky. Sometimes simply looking around the house or apartment, we can see places we never considered before; a nook or area in the corner of a room, behind a sofa, or under a window ay have seemed too small to be useful before but could be perfect for a workstation.

Dedicated or Dual-Purpose

As much as we’ve discussed working at the kitchen table is not ideal, this does not mean we can’t have a multiple-purpose area. It’s very possible we don’t have an option if we cannot find a dedicated space in the house. Perhaps we have a craft area or kids’ play area we could use while they are at school, perhaps with a portable desk. It’s less than ideal to have to dismantle your workstation at the end of the day, but it at least trumps having to do it every few hours.

Office Equipment

If we are not used to working from home, it is likely that we are not set up for all the office tasks we would take for granted if we were in a large office building. IT equipment such as laptops, what is essential for the job or at least contribute towards their purchase.

Limit Distractions

Distractions are the one most significant killer of productivity when working from home. We have all of the classic procrastination causes in our house, TV, other domestic tasks, talking to the family etc. When you combine these with the fact that we have a ready-made home entertainment system on our smartphones, keeping free from distractions can be a huge challenge. This is the principal reason we are creating this guide.

Decorate & Personalize

Although we have said we don’t want an array of distractions, we also should make the area pleasant to be in and relaxing enough for us to feel comfortable. We should consider ideas such as plants, posters or artwork, and decorating in a color that is nice but not distracting. As much as we shouldn’t use screens or TVs, a nice radio or sound system can help break the silence.