How To Be Fashionable on a Budget?


Everyone wants to look good – it’s not a secret. But, the question that’s always on our minds is how.

Everyone can look chic and good regardless of their shopping budget. After all, money can buy you clothes, but not style – remember that!

The article below breaks down the meaning of being fashionable and how you can look chic, cool, put-together, or funky on a budget.

So, let’s get started!

What Makes You a Fashionista?

Each season, the fashion industry carefully crafts future trends and presents the pieces to the public. People’s most common attempt to look fashionable is buying expensive clothes or the latest collection.

There’s nothing wrong with buying expensive clothes that will last several years, like basic pieces you constantly wear. That’s simply an investment. But, buying something expensive and latest that doesn’t work for you at all just for the sake of being “in” can really cramp your style.

The purpose of fashion is to emphasize your unique beauty and last for a couple of years. So, to help you get more creative with what you have.

Shop for Vintage

The ultimate rule in fashion is a simple one: “Seasons come and go, but style remains.”

Being fashionable doesn’t mean splurging your salary for the trendiest pieces because that is not practical. Firstly, fast fashion stores produce 12 collections, that’s 3 per season.

So, even if you bought the latest trend, there isn’t time to get the best of it because the next season is always around the corner. Fast-fashion collections nowadays resemble one another so much that it’s hard to build your style using these pieces.

So, wear vintage clothing if you want to be stylish on a budget. Not only will you stand out from the crowd with all those cute affordable clothes, but you will not encourage fast fashion to exploit human labor and our planet’s extinction resources.

Create a List

Feeling a bit outdated is similar to being starved on a budget. If you’re hungry and head to the market for food, you’d most likely buy chips, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, and a full cart of other products to satisfy your current hunger. But, can you really use all these products the next day so that you won’t starve again? Probably not.

Clothes shopping is the same in this vein. If you feel outdated and go shopping for clothes without anything particular in mind, you will end up buying tons of pieces you don’t need and would probably wear only once.

So, open your wardrobe, check out what you have, and write down what’s missing. Then head to the stores.

If you don’t know where to, vintage shops or retail, bear one thing in mind. Every outfit sends a message. You can choose something sustainable and subtle or go for a more striking look. Of course, whatever works for you best is the right choice.

Learn Your Colors and Body

Each body has unique proportions and colors – it’s your job to figure them out if you want to be fashionable.

Namely, the colors separate into four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring and winter dispose of cooler tones, while fall and summer are warmer.

Then, you must learn the symmetry of your body and research what models work best for you. After doing your homework, you can search the market for a particular model with a specific color.

Think of Multiple Combos

When you see an item you like, ask yourself, “What will I wear it with?”. If you have at least six outfits in your head, then it’s worth the money.

But, if you like it only because of the refreshed window shop, you know the answer – save your money!

Sell the Clothes Dusting Your Shelves

One of the latest strategies at designer shops and vintage stores to support the cycle economy is buying old clothes in return for a piece from them.

This means you get a new item for the clothes in your closet. So, look online for the nearest stores that offer swaps of old clothes for new, and start decluttering your wardrobe.

You will support recycling the old materials and getting quality pieces for an affordable price. 

Final Say

Many fashion icons nowadays identify vintage clothing as the new trend of the younger generations, who warmly embrace it more and more.

It has risen to the point where it has a massive impact on the environment. Moreover, the vintage industry is far kinder to your budget.

Remember, you don’t need money, validation, or recognition to look fashionable. You only need to learn more about yourself and what works for you. The rest, as they say, is history.