How to Get a Clear, Radiant Complexion by the End of Summer


Summer is here, and it’s time for flawless, sunny Instagram posts, lazy days by the pool, and treating yourself to a fresh and healthy skincare regimen. Easier said than done, right? No way. Getting the clear, glowy skin of your dreams is 100% within reach this summer.

Up Your Hydration Game

Drinking water flushes toxins from the body and keeps your organs functioning at the highest level. Your body’s largest organ is your skin, after all. Summer is the perfect time to spice up your water intake via iced tea, fruit infusions, even smoothies and juices count to a certain extent. But beware: alcohol = dehydration. Always counteract any drinking with an extra few glasses of water, or invest in a Hydro Flask to make sure you always have cold water on hand.

Use Protection

Failing to wear sunscreen is the fastest way to dull and damaged skin. If you’re spending these months in the summer sun without taking the necessary precautions, no amount of water or vitamins will help you. Ultraviolet rays are no joke, okay?

Let me put it this way: if you leave your house without your phone, you’re turning around and going back for your phone, obviously. The same should be true for your sunscreen. If you’re on the way to the beach or the park or wherever, and you realize you forgot your sunscreen, that is a crisis. Protect that clear, beautiful skin you’ve worked so hard for (and don’t forget to reapply)!

Fix Nutrient Deficits

Tracking our daily nutrient intake can feel like a full-time job at times. There are countless career paths that do just that, in fact. Everybody is unique, and therefore everybody has unique needs. If you don’t take a daily multivitamin already, that’s a great place to start. This will ensure that you’re at least on par with your most vital nutrients and minerals.

From here, you can branch out and pick up some vitamins for glowing skin. It could very well be the case that your skin just needs an extra boost, or even that you have a deficiency of some kind. After a couple weeks of regularly taking vitamins, you may be surprised by how healthy, clear-minded, and awake you feel.

Tweak Your Diet

Here’s your summer mantra: “What I put into my body is what comes out.”

If your body is full of fatty, greasy, salty foods, your body is going to feel bloated, greasy, and dehydrated. Meanwhile, if you’re filling your tank with fresh, clean meals full of fruits, vegetables, and grains, you’re going to feel fresh and clean and radiant.

There’s no need to make a drastic dietary change, necessarily. Just focus on making some healthy swaps. Instead of salty, buttery popcorn at the movies, opt for a healthy trail mix. Choose a veggie wrap instead of that slice of pizza. Grab a refreshing fruit smoothie in place of a soda or milkshake. Making simple changes on a regular basis will have you looking in the mirror one day and thinking, “Wow, I actually feel great.” Odds are, your skin will look great, too. Everyone wins.

Treat Yo’ Face

Getting a facial is the perfect beginning to a new phase of your skincare life. It can set a new foundation if you’re going to start a new routine, or can simply act as a tune-up to the routine you already have. A facial is a kind of like a root touch-up; even though you take care of your hair and use the best color-safe shampoo, there’s still going to be regrowth, which is best left to a professional. The same goes for your precious face. (Pro tip: search your local Groupon for spa and facial deals, I’ve scored awesome spa days for half the price.)

Stay Consistent

The true key to healthy skin is to develop and maintain a regular routine. Find a routine that works for you (your lifestyle, your schedule, and your budget), and stick to it like glue. Ideally, you would have two routines, one for the morning and one for the evening. In the morning, you should cleanse, tone, moisturize, and apply sun screen. At night, remove any makeup, cleanse your face, tone, moisturize, and optionally apply an overnight mask for maximum nutrients.

Your skin will respond to consistency, no matter what. If you are consistently sleeping with makeup on, eating greasy and salty foods, and failing to use sun protection, your skin will respond in a predictable, negative manner. These are easy, healthy fixes. Clear and radiant skin starts with the food you eat, the water you drink, and the vitamins you take, and it’s maintained by a steady care routine on the outside. Make healthy and positive choices this summer; your skin will thank you!